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A worldwide network of premium partners.

PELOBiotech combines expertise with innovations. We offer more than 18,000 high-end cell related products. With our broad portfolio just in the field of Cells, Media and Tools we belong to the most comprehensive suppliers in the Life Science sector. So you will get all your research supplies from one shop.

To be able to offer you these premium products we work together with top companies worldwide. This will guarantee the best quality and a huge number of highly innovative products and services.

Our promise: we deliver high-quality products only.



„We have the right players - global and local."

Dr. Lothar Steeb and Dr. Peter Frost, CEOs PELOBIOTECH GmbH


Our partners at a glance.

Our partners are specialized in their fields and are located all over the world. We are proud to have them on board to pave the way for YOU and your research goals.

Cells, Media & Tools

PELOBiotech, Akron Biotech, Angioproteomie, AventaCell, BioConcept, BioLife Solutions, CellSafe, Cell Systems, Cell Applications, Cell Biologics, CellCoLabs, Cyagen, denovoMATRIX, Funakoshi, Keli Therapeutics, MetaTissue, Mogengel, Nexel, Phio, Poeitis with HVD, ReproCell, Rokit Healthcare, Seevix, tempo biosciences, Xcell Therapeutics, XYLYX Bio.

3D Technologies, 3D Models & Microfluidics

abc biopply, Cell Applications, IVTech, Lena Biosciences, MetaTissue, Rokit Healthcare, Seevix, SynVivo, XYLYX Bio.


PELOBiotech, Accumol, Cell Systems, Cell Applications, denovoMATRIX, Funakoshi, MicroStem, QRET Technologies, and more.

Proteins, Antibodies, Dyes & TR-FRET

PELOBiotech, Bon Opus Biosciences, Cell Applications, Funakoshi, QRET Technologies,  ReproCell

Sample Preparation & Product Purification

BN Pands, Funakoshi, QRET Technologies, ReSyn Biosciences.

Tissue Dissociation


GMP Quality

AkronBiotech, AventaCell, BioLifeSolutions, VitaCyte, Xcell Therapeutics

Overview of our manufacturers.

A worldwide network of premium partners.

Information from our Suppliers.


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We distribute Phio scientific in Europe outside of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Live cell monitoring within an incubator with Cellwatcher M and Cellwatcher S.


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