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Take the opportunity and trust our expertise and rely on our products in the field of 3D Cell Culture.

PELOBiotech: “Forget 2D for a moment and try 3D – 3D may not be new, but the results sure are!”

We offer a broad portfolio of different 3D Cell Culture Technologies, 3D Models & Microfluidic.

As one of our founders has developed and established several systems and approaches into now leading 3D companies, we may say, yes, we know 3D and yes, we can help to find the best solution for your research.

We don't want to question existing results, we want to make them more significant.

Dare to do something new!

Our 3D portfolio at a glance:

  • Scaffold-free
  • Scaffold-based
  • Hydrogel-based
  • 3D Models
  • Dynamic Models

Our 3D grade products.

At PELOBiotech we look back at a bright success story of 3D Technologies.


3D Technologies

Such as: 3D CoSeedis, Organotypic Scaffolds, SeedEZ™ - glass microfiber scaffolds, Perfusion PAL, Alvetex® Scaffolds, Organotypic Hydrogels isolated from different organs, Collagen, Fibronectin.
Our partners at a glance: abc biopply, Lena Biosciences, Rokit Healthcare, Xylyx Bio.


3D Models

Such as: 3D Tumor Microtissues, 3D Skin Models, 3D Airway Models.
Our partners at a glance: abc biopply, Cell Applications, IVTech, Lena Biosciences, ReproCell, SynVivo.



Micro & Midifluidic Systems are named as dynamic models.
Our partners at a glance: IVTech, Lena Biosciences, SynVivo.


"The goal of our company is to provide you with the best cell portfolio for your research needs and to give you customized solutions for your specific research questions."



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More than 18,000 high-end Cell Culture products.


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Cell sourcing and customized cell isolation from healthy and / or diseased donors.


Contract research, product development & production, 3D cell culture Services, Compound testing, reliable assays, Knowledge transfer.

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At PELOBiotech we look back at a bright success story of 3D Technologies.

That's why we have a broad range of 3D technologies & systems to produce 3D Cell Culture models and Cell Culture assays ready-to-use – and as kits. We are always looking for innovative 3D technologies. And we would like to empower you too, of working with 3D cell cultures.

Arguments for the progressive Researcher.

We have them: the close research path without animal testing. With 3D systems and cell cultures – research more closely than ever before, it is incredibly realistic.
So many questions, so many solutions. Meaningful research dares new ways.

Have the courage to question the old and ask new questions to achieve your goals.

Arguments for the result-oriented Industry.

We have them: the stable and robust systems. With our founder as an expert and a network of highly qualified scientists, we ensure that our systems and our product portfolio are robust, safe, tested and result-oriented.

With our technology and our knowledge, you will quickly have the results you are looking for.

Development Strategies.

Whether human or animal cells, you have perhaps never researched this close.


Cells growing in a hydrogel. Hydrogels are polymeric matrices that can entrap large quantities of water or biological fluids which are insoluble in aqueous environments.
Generally we can divide hydrogels by their nature (natural,semi-synthetic and synthetic) and their features (type of crosslinking, stiffness, elasticity, cell adhesion, porosity, degradation properties and cell-specific bioactivity).

So called “smart” hydrogels being responsive to stimuli are of high interest as organoids and/or cells are easily accessible.


We offer a variety of scaffold-based solutions.TissueSpec® Matrix Scaffolds based on ECM proteins isolated from different porcine organs. Human organotypic scaffolds are available on demand. Alvetex is a highly porous polystyrene scaffold designed for 3D cell culture. Cells grown in Alvetex possess a natural tissue-like structure that enables them to function in a more physiologically relevant manner.

SeedEZ – Our partner Lena Biosciences offers a robust 3D cell culture system for routine, predictive testing in vitro. SeedEZ is a three-dimensional cell culture scaffold made of randomly oriented, inert glass microfibers.


Use hanging drop technology for microtissue generation. Scaffold-free techniques include the use of e.g. magnetic & gravity forces. Popular scaffold-free systems are adhesion or hanging drop plates, micropatterned surfaces (e.g. 3D CoSeedis Co-Culture System)and bioreactors (e.g. Reprocell). Liquid overlays may add viscosity-changing reagents e.g. methylcellulose, organotypic hydrogels by Xylyx or ECM mixtures e.g. HumaTein.

Just ask us for the right solution and profit from our comprehensive network of 3D Cell Culture partners.

Bioprinting Technique

Choose 3D Bioprinting of cells to create custom spheroid cultures (homotypic or heterotypic). It is also possible to create homotypic or heterotypic cellular ring structures using magnetic 3D bioprinting. We offer compound testing using 3D spheroids in the field of toxicology, pharmacology, oncology and vascular research. 3D Printing of cells using the “Kenzan method” will create 3D Tissues without any gel or scaffold. In just four steps you will be ready from single cells to 3D tissue.

Different structures are possible, for example: cubes, tubes or rows.


Microfluidic Chips.


A realistic and dynamic microenvironment for cells. Cell attachment, 3D structures and microenvironments are items that moved into the focus of cell culture scientists during the last decade.

Our partner SynVivo has developed microfluidics-based chips. These cell-based assays provide morphologically and biologically realistic microenvironments and allow the real-time study of cellular behavior, drug delivery and drug discovery – fast and cost-effective, for industry and pharma research.


Midifluidic Systems.

“Flow Systems of the LiveBox Family”.

LiveBox Systems are made for 3D Cell Culture under flow conditions which mimic very well biological barrier systems (BBB or intestinal barrier).

Our partner IVTech has developed the LiveBox Systems which can be combined with scaffolds and hydrogels for an experimental design to mimic the situation under flow. Cells are grown on membranes, on hydrogels or scaffolds. The architecture of the LiveBox2 allows two different media flows and of course, the LiveBox Systems can be connected in series or parallel.


Perfusion Pal.


Perfusion describes the rate at which blood is supplied to a given organ in the body. We believe this crucial factor can play a role in cell culture methods to positively impact cell survival mechanisms in vitro as well as simulate real-life growth conditions for your research.

The Perfused Organ Panel system is a lab technology that combines the 3D cell culturing capabilities of the SeedEZ scaffold with the advanced oxygenation of our Blood Substitute within a compact, perfused multiwell plate, PerfusionPal. The system is ideally suited for modeling interstitial perfusion that cells in most tissues experience in vivo.

Every research has its challenge. Where is yours?

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“I used human primary pancreatic epithelial cells for 3D culture and immunostaining. They are easy to handle and I could expand them for 3 passages. Overall these cells are useful source for study pancreatic epithelium in humans, thought with limited passage number and modification”

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„We have tried the 3D Co-Seedis-System in our group.
I can only say, it is genius!“

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"PELOBiotech’s media have contributed to optimal experimental conditions for my 3d cells and the service, especially the scientific support, was outstanding.”