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Reproducible from the Start. How High Quality Enzymes influence your Data.

PELOBiotech offers VITACYTE´s highly purified Enzymes for Academic and Clinical Use & Cell Therapy. Tissue Dissociation is used to isolate cells from tissues. The aim is to get the highest number of cells to the best possible quality for further experiments. A critical issue is the quality of used enzymes, purified or crude.

To overcome the disadvantages of crude enzymes, we offer only highly purified enzyme systems and guarantee that – once tested – these work every time in the same way. Results will be reproducible and further batch testing is redundant. PELOBiotech also says: „Custom Manufacturing is our daily business.”

We have put together an overview of the most common areas of application for you: Human Islet Applications, Rodent Islet Applications, Human Adipose Applications, Rodent Hepatocyte Applications and other Cells. Together with our global network of competent partners we strive for excellence.

That is why we are proud to offer so many high-quality, tested and highly purified enzyme products.

Our grade Enzyme products.

We are not only experts in the field of cells, we also know a lot about enzymes and their benefits.


Collagenase & DE Collagenase

Here we are talking about highly purified enzymes. The DE collagenase product family is characterized by increasing collagenase activities with the same amount of protease activity.


Enzyme Blends & Kits

Here we are talking about mixtures of purified collagenase and purified proteases designed for special applications to increase reproducibility and lot-to-lot consistency.
We offer tested and pretested blends for rodent islets, adipose-derived stem cells and human hepatocytes.



Here we are talking about highly purified enzymes.


"The goal of our company is to provide you with the best cell portfolio for your research needs and to give you customized solutions for your specific research questions."


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What do you need to know about Collagenase and Protease.


Collagenases are enzymes that digest collagen the major fibrous component of animal and human extracellular connective tissue. These enzymes are prepared from C. Histolyticum and are often used as crude enzyme preparation. The advantage of bacterial endopeptidases is that these enzymes will digest the insoluble collagen as well as soluble collagen fragments. The disadvantage of using crude collagenase preparations is the contaminating foreign enzyme activities (tryptic, caseinase and clostripain) which prevents reproducibility.

Avoiding this batch testing procedure repeatedly would be a big step forward and improve productivity. Highly purified enzyme preparations will make this lot procedure unnecessary .

That is why we are proud to be able to offer you highly purified enzyme preparations.


Thermolysin a neutral protease prepared from Bacillus thermoproteolyticus is a thermostable metalloproteinase used for isolation of islets from rodents, canine, monkey and human pancreas.

We are proud to offer you a wide variety of purified proteases. Among other high-quality Thermolysin products, even animal-free Thermolysin in GMP grade. This (animal component-free) is an aseptically dispensed, lyophilized purified protease from Bacillus thermoproteolyticus.


For Islet Research, Isolation & Transplantation.

Together with our strong partners in the field of tissue dissociation, we offer lots of tools for your pancreas & islet research. Protease Enzyme Mixtures Successfully Used For Human Islet Isolation. Purified bacterial collagenase and protease enzymes are commonly used to recover human islets from clinical-grade pancreata for subsequent clinical islet transplantation.

But the high cost of purified enzymes can often be prohibitive. In Summer 2019 VitaCyte, our partner for highly purified enzymes, successfully isolated islets from human research pancreata using enriched collagenase products supplemented with BP Protease (DE Collagenase 800 or Collagenase Gold-BP Protease mixtures) that cost significantly less than purified collagenase.

Ask us to get your quality requirements and budget under an umbrella.


More on the many disadvantages of crude Enzymes.

In many labs crude enzymes are used which has the big disadvantage of enzymatic contamination. This leads to low reproducibility and the need to test every new batch for your application.

To overcome this situation enzymes have to be purified. In the last 20 years the key enzymes in crude collagenase responsible for the release of cells from tissues were identified as Collagenase (C. Histolyticum) class I and II, neutral protease (C. Histolyticum) and clostripain.
The need for the development of purified collagenase was driven by clinical research scientists who needed to increase human islet yields for use in islet transplantation into adult patients with diabetes type I since the mid-1990s.

So keep that in mind: The success of cell isolation from solid tissues is dependent on the quality of the enzymes (collagenase and neutral protease) being used.

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With that medium our cells grow perfectly


"I’m using PELOBiotech’s Skeletal Muscle Cell Growth Medium for my own isolated primary cells from clinics. With that medium our cells grow perfectly well and we love the reliability of the medium and the service of the company."

Epithelial cells for 3D culture are easy to handle


“I used human primary pancreatic epithelial cells for 3D culture and immunostaining. They are easy to handle and I could expand them for 3 passages. Overall these cells are useful source for study pancreatic epithelium in humans, thought with limited passage number and modification.”

Very pleased with the stable growth performance of my cells


"I´ve been very pleased with the stable growth performance of my cells with the new medium Endothelial Growth medium EASY from Cellovations. I will continue using it for my experiments."

10/10: Surprised that you can find this kind of customer service

TU Delft, NL

"I reached out to PELObiotech to get a specific cell line + the optimal cell culture medium for our laboratory and Dr. Arista was the one assisting me in this whole process. Their response time was incredibly fast, their customer services more than satisfactory and their planning ahead made the whole order/delivery process of the items (they had to be imported from the USA) smooth, efficient and once again, very fast. Pleasantly surprised that we can still find this type of customer service/approach nowadays. 10/10 would recommend!”

So fast and helpful


Dr. Arista has been extremely helpful and patient in assisting me in placing orders for cells and recommending appropriate media and protocols. Any orders I have placed have arrived faster than expected and have grown without issue.

Attentive to customer's needs


PELOBiotech has shown a very helpful attitude and they are attentive to their customer's needs. I have only good things to say about them and can highly recommend them.

Contributed to optimal experimental condition


"PELOBiotech’s media have contributed to optimal experimental conditions for my endothelial cells and the service, especially the scientific support, was outstanding.”