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Hepatocytes cryo-preserved, plateable, in suspension and
related products.

Discover Our Premium Hepatocytes for Drug Testing: Hepatocytes are the ideal choice for your short- and long-term drug screening and testing needs,

Explore the intricate and vital role of hepatocytes in the human body's metabolism of xenobiotics and drugs by reading our article in our News-section for in-depth information.


From cell experts for cell researchers.

As a leading provider of primary cells, media, and tools, we are pleased to introduce our extensive range of human hepatocytes.

We know first-hand the importance of high-quality and reliable research tools to drive advancements in immunology, infectious diseases, cancer research, and various other fields.

Our hepatocytes are of higher quality as they undergo/are available as:

  1. Tested for CYP1A2, CYP2B6, CYP2C8, CYP2C9, CYP2C19, CYP2D6, CYP3A4 Midozolam and testosterone, Phase I ECOD, SULT, UGT, AO, Tested for induction activity and bile canaliculi formation)

  2. Large lot sizes 5-10 million viable cells per vial.

  3. Cell viability (>90%) allows for more accurate and reliable prediction of drug metabolism and toxicity.

  4. Extensive donor information gender, age, ethnicity, BMI, cause of death, smoking & alcohol use, HLA typing, serology data, past medical history.

  5. Plateable and 3d tested.

We like to highlight the following cryo-preserved hepatocytes:

  1. Aged human hepatocytes
  2. Aged mice and rat hepatocytes.
  3. Hamster, New Zealand white rabbit, & Sprague-Dawley rat primary hepatocytes.
  4. Diabetic mouse hepatocytes.
  5. B129, BALB/c, BKS db, C57BL/6, & CD1 mice hepatocytes.
  6. Cynomolgus monkey hepatocytes.


Essential Extras:

  1. Hepatocyte isolation kit
  2. Hepatocyte transfection kits.
  3. Complete human hepatocyte media.
  4. Hepatocyte expansion, maintenance, 2D, and 3D medium kit.
  5. Rat hepatocyte maintenance and basal media.
  6. Coating solutions: gelatin, atelocollagen, fibronectin, collagen(type I, III, IV), Matrigel, Extragel, human iPSC/native lung/native liver/coating solution & many more on our website.

  7. Dissociation solutions such as trypsin/EDTA solution, Accutase, Passage pack, AEC2 / i-HAEpC2 Dissociation Solution and many more!



Hepatocytes High-quality cells that show perfect results in interaction with media.



All cell systems are offered with corresponding media. We have different media for different solutions.


Essential Extras

That certain something for your cell culture needs. Here we talk about: reagents, coating and matrices, dissociation, cryo- and cold-preservation, etc.


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