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IxCells is an expert in Animal and Human Primary cells, iPSC and iPSC-derived cells.

iXCells Biotechnologies is a supplier for a variety of iPSC and iPSC-derived cells, human & animal primary cells as well as media and cell culture reagents and tools such as growth factors and cytokines. They also offer services for custom cell isolation (primary cells and immune cells), as well as IPS Cell Generation and IPSC differentiation. Furthermore, they also have cell-based and immune assays in their portfolio.

Overview of our products for iXcells.

CellCorTM CD serum-free chemically defined MSC Media - (Xcell) Cell Culture Media
CellCorTM CD serum-free chemically defined MSC Media (GMP) - (Xcell) Cell Culture Media

Cells for drug discovery solutions through disease-relevant cell models.

Choose from human and animal primary cells from healthy and diseased tissues to enhance their portfolio of iPSCs and their variants.

Donors from skin, liver, and kidney.

Regular cells and cells important for disease models with a focus on neurobiology, primary cell collections from skin, liver and kidney from matching donors and over 150 unique donors of PBMCs and immune cells.


Cells focused on neurobiology.

iPSC & iPSC-derived cells.

A collection of iPS cell products and their variants that includes both normal cells and cells relevant to disease models, focused on neurobiology.

iXCells Biotechnologies was the first one providing iPSC-derived motor neurons and has subsequently expanded its catalog with neural stem cells (NSCs), CNS and peripheral neurons, skeletal muscle and supporting cells. Our patient-derived iPSC collection includes cells for ALS, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, metabolic diseases and Parkinson's disease, which add to our portfolio from healthy donors.

Human and Animal Primary Cells

iXCells offers a wide portfolio of human and animal primary cell offerings and the ability to perform custom isolations upon demand. Normal and disease model relevant cells with a strong focus in neurobiology, matched donor primary cell collections from skin, liver and kidney and over 150 unique donors of PBMCs and immune cells.

A diverse collection of animal primary cell offerings and the ability to perform custom isolations upon demand. All cell materials generated come with an in-house generated CoA and product information sheet to ensure our customers have all relevant information necessary to advance their research. Ask Peter for your special requests.

Facts and References about ixCells.


IxCells was founded in 2014 and is based in San Diego, CA, USA. The cell biology and cell technology company is dedicated to offer innovative pre-clinical drug discovery solutions with the focus on disease relevant cellular models. They have  over 75 primary cell offerings and the ability to perform custom isolations upon demand.

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