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Meet us at... ATMP 2022

From CB 17. Mai 2022 2

PELOBiotech presents CellCorTM line at ATMP conference.

Biotechnology company PELOBiotech will present new stem cell research products at the ...


PELOAcademy | Glaucoma - One Step Ahead with In-vitro Models

From CB 14. Februar 2022

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PELOAcademy | Glaucoma - One Step Ahead with In-vitro Models

Thu, March 31 , 2022 10:00 AM CET

presented by Tommaso Sbrana, CEO IVtech, Italy

Glaucoma is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by optic nerve damage and the slow progressive death of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs).

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PELOAcademy | Breast Cancer: New Perspectives for in-vitro Studies

From CB 26. Januar 2022

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Breast Cancer: New Perspectives for in-vitro Studies

Thu, Feb 24, 2022 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CET

presented by Tommaso Sbrana, CEO IVtech, Italy

The use of advanced in-vitro models to study a complex scenario, such as the breast cancer microenvironment, will be the focus of this webinar.

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#microfluidics #3Dcellculture #In-Vitro Models #multipleorgan testing #breastcancer

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How a new biopolymer supports 3D cell cultures based on recombinant spider silk fibers

From CB 16. Dezember 2021

PELOBiotech adds a new supplier using recombinant spider silk fibers to improve stability and viability

PELOBiotech GmbH, one of the leading Cell Culture solution experts worldwide, is happy to launch SpheroSeev, a recombinant biopolymer similar to spider silk. It is used together with hydrogels (e.g. Matrigel) to stabilize hydrogels for long-term culture. Due to its unique structure, cells grow almost naturally in tissue and easily in a spheroid formation (organoid, tumoroid & co-culture), consistent and reproducible.


How the right tools from PELOBiotech can boost Stem Cell research today

10. November 2021

New formulation of truly chemically defined media

Induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPS cells for short, are created in the lab but resemble the stem cells of an embryo. Biologists use them to study diseases, doctors for the development of new therapies with the help of patient-specific drug testing.

PELOBiotech meets BIO-Europe 2021 - 1.png

Meet us at... Bio Europe 2021

18. Oktober 2021

We will be at the Bio Europe digital meeting from 25-28 October.

Take the opportunity to meet with us for a presentation of our services and models. Dr. Peter Frost ( will be happy to discuss further with you how we could be of assistance for your industrial and clinical project.


The ultimate Overview of PELOBiotech’s popular Stem Cell &  ES/iPS cell products of 2021

04. Oktober 2021

Stem cells ES/iPS cells and derived products offer great promise for new medical treatments and wide research fields. For this, PELOBiotech had a long look at its portfolio with over 500 relevant ES/iPS and Stem cell products. Get now the big picture of this advanced research field with your Stem Cell experts at your side.

And if you like to know more about our ES/iPS and Stem cell portfolio you can meet our CSO&CEO Dr. Lothar Steeb at the GSCN - live and in person - this week, Oct 06-08, in Dresden.

High Grade products, Stem Cells for highest demands.


PELONEWS: New Cooperation with Hochschule Reutlingen – How Obesity can impact Lung Diseases and COVI

06. Juli 2021

The first Development of a Lung Adipose Tissue Model and corresponding defined medium by PELOBiotech Cell culture specialist PELOBiotech GmbH is collaborating with Hochschule Reutlingen