Adult Stem Cells, ES/IPS & Diseased Cells offered by PELOBiotech.


We offer a lot in the field of ​​Stem Cells, but what else does PELOBiotech offer?

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Take the opportunity and trust our expertise and rely on our products in the field of Stem Cells.

By „more” we mean a Lot.

We offer Adult Stem Cells, ES/ iPS Cells and
Diseased Cells of the highest quality.

We are proud to have such an extensive portfolio of stem cells. All cell systems are offered with corresponding media and tools. Cell sourcing and customized cell isolation from healthy and /or diseased donors are our daily business.

Therefore, we know exactly what really works and is valuable for your research. Together with our global network of competent partners we strive for excellence.
We are proud that we can offer such an extensive portfolio of stem cells.

Our grade products, Stem Cells for highest demands.

We are excellent experts in the field of cells.



Epithelial Cells. High-quality cells that show perfect results in interaction with media.



All cell systems are offered with corresponding media. We have different media for different solutions.


Essential Extras

That certain something for your cell culture needs. Here we talk about: reagents, coating and matrices, dissociation, cryo- and cold-preservation, tools for stem cell differentiation, etc.



„MSCs are gaining more and more significance in research.“




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More Than Competence4Cells.

Life Science research
with PELOBiotech.

Cell Culture offer

More than 18,000 high-end Cell Culture products.


Broad portfolio in the field of cells, media and tools.

Years of experience

CEOs have around 35 years of experience in their field.


„INNOVATIVE Through Research”.

Number of suppliers

Over 30 global suppliers.

Number of distributors

Many distributors throughout the world.

Location of own brand development


Location of own brand production


Daily Business

Cell sourcing and customized cell isolation from healthy and / or diseased donors.


Contract research, product development & production, 3D cell culture Services, Compound testing, reliable assays, Knowledge transfer.

Spoken Native Languages

German, English, Spanish and French.

We are excellent experts in the field of cells.

Together with our global network of competent partners we strive for excellence. We are proud that we can offer such an extensive portfolio of stem cells.

Adult Stem Cells

Adult human/animal Stem Cells are isolated from several human tissues of healthy and diseased donors. You will discover stem- & progenitor cells isolated from Bone Marrow, Cord Blood, Peripheral Blood, Liver, Brain, Heart, Skin and other organs.

In our portfolio you will find stem cells from healthy and diseased donors.

  • Human MSCs
  • Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells (CD34, CD133)
  • Human Tissue derived Stem Cells
  • Human Cancer Stem Cells

ES/iPS Derived Cells, Media & Tools

We offer human iPS derived cells from our partners together with specialized media:

  • Cardiomyocytes (AV, LV and non viral).
  • Hepatocytes (AV, LV and non viral).
  • Neural Progenitors (AV, LV and non viral).
  • iPS cells derived from human dermal fibroblasts (ad, neo) are available.

In our portfolio you will find special media for ES/iPS cell culture using feeder-dependent or -free culture. Primate ES Cell Medium - ReproStem - Repro FF2 - NutriStem™and our Pluripotent Stem Cell Medium Kit.

As ES/iPS cells have higher demands regarding coating and cryo-preservation, we offer specialized tools for this application.

  • Coating (iMatrix-511, Laminin-5, ReproCoat, Stem Cell Matrix XF).
  • Cryo-Preservation Media with & without DMSO & Vitrification Media.

Stem Cells From Various Diseased States

To complete our cell portfolio we now offer stem cells from various diseased states, ranging from polygenic diseases such as diabetes type 2, over tumor diseases to rare genetic disorders, such as mucopolysaccharidoses.

Disease-specific tissues from:

  • Neurological Disorders
  • Oncogenic Disorders
  • Muscular Disorders
  • Genetic Disorders
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Endocrine Disorders
  • Congenital Disorders
  • Cardiovascular Disorders
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Degenerative Disorders
  • Blood Disorders

Every research has its challenge. Where is yours?

We’re proud to assist scientists and researchers like you!

With that medium our cells grow perfectly


"I’m using PELOBiotech’s Skeletal Muscle Cell Growth Medium for my own isolated primary cells from clinics. With that medium our cells grow perfectly well and we love the reliability of the medium and the service of the company."

Epithelial cells for 3D culture are easy to handle


“I used human primary pancreatic epithelial cells for 3D culture and immunostaining. They are easy to handle and I could expand them for 3 passages. Overall these cells are useful source for study pancreatic epithelium in humans, thought with limited passage number and modification.”

Very pleased with the stable growth performance of my cells


"I´ve been very pleased with the stable growth performance of my cells with the new medium Endothelial Growth medium EASY from Cellovations. I will continue using it for my experiments."

10/10: Surprised that you can find this kind of customer service

TU Delft, NL

"I reached out to PELObiotech to get a specific cell line + the optimal cell culture medium for our laboratory and Dr. Arista was the one assisting me in this whole process. Their response time was incredibly fast, their customer services more than satisfactory and their planning ahead made the whole order/delivery process of the items (they had to be imported from the USA) smooth, efficient and once again, very fast. Pleasantly surprised that we can still find this type of customer service/approach nowadays. 10/10 would recommend!”

So fast and helpful


Dr. Arista has been extremely helpful and patient in assisting me in placing orders for cells and recommending appropriate media and protocols. Any orders I have placed have arrived faster than expected and have grown without issue.

Attentive to customer's needs


PELOBiotech has shown a very helpful attitude and they are attentive to their customer's needs. I have only good things to say about them and can highly recommend them.

Contributed to optimal experimental condition


"PELOBiotech’s media have contributed to optimal experimental conditions for my endothelial cells and the service, especially the scientific support, was outstanding.”