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Our Distributors in Europe
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In order to expand our partner network, we are always looking for new strong Distributors who want to sell our products, especially our own Cellovations brand.

Abc Biopply - Our Partner in Switzerland.

This strong partner from Switzerland successfully sells all of our products.

BizCom - Our Partner in Japan.

This strong partner from Japan successfully sells all of our "Cellovations” products.

Bartelt GmbH - Our Partner in Austria

This strong partner from Austria sells all our products. Email:


Atlantis Biosciences - Our Partner in Singapore.

This strong partner from Singapore sells our products there.

Super vet - Our Partner in Serbia.

This strong partner from Serbia sells our products across Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

GRIDA - Our Partner in Lithuania.

This strong partner from Lithuania sells our products across Lithuania and neighboring Baltic states.

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Meet our own Brand.

Cellovations® is the brand of PELOBiotech’s own premium product line.
We develop and produce premium cell culture products with highest
standards, developed in Germany only.

Cellovations® is the summary of all our knowledge.