Cellovations® exclusively from PELOBiotech.


The brand that results from all of our experience and knowledge.

Cells, media and tools into which our team has put all their heart, soul and expertise. Discover the wide range and the many advantages. PELOBiotech’s own brand for cells, media & tools:

  • best ingredients
  • easy to handle
  • reliable results
  • affordable prices
  • direct contact person

Our own brand.

Cellovations® is the summary of all our

The perfect combination. Cellovations® is the brand of PELOBiotech’s own premium product line. We develop and produce premium cell culture products with the highest standards, developed in Germany only. Cellovations® is the pure essence of our knowledge of a scientist’s challenge: combine easy and fast handling, best ingredients, reproducible and predictive results – and all this at reasonable prices.

Cross cell culture with innovation.

You have put your trust in us, give it to Cellovations® too.


Cellovations® Cells

We offer only the best cells for your studies. We are proud to have one of the broadest portfolios of available cells. Such as regular cells like HUVECs, diseased cells, seldom cells and customized cells (some cells are available under GMP for the production of ingredient, extracellular vesicle, and more).


Cellovations® Media

We offer a whole variety of known media. Such as regular Media, serum-free Media, animal/xeno-free Media, defined Media and customized Media.


Cellovations® Tools

We offer great tools for your cell culture. We know exactly what is important and have the most important cell culture tools for you. Such as: Coating Solutions, Matrices, Passaging and Tissue Dissociation, Growth Factors, BIT and Growth Supplements.


„By being a customer of our own brand we give you personalized access to the cell culture media of the future.“



Download our Cellovations® Overview.

In our product list, we would like to present our broad product portfolio of our own brand to you. Here you find an overview of our Human Primary Cells, Media&Tools.


It can be so easy.

PELOBIOTECH GmbH develops and produces special cell culture media for human primary cells, stem cells and embryonic stem cells as well as special supplements for tumor stem cells. Our media are developed to work with both commercially available cell systems and isolated cells.

Our goal is to block out the black box that occurs with undefined conditions in most existing media. That’s why we promote and develop more and more xeno-free and defined media so that science projects can get even easier to handle.


In focus: „EASY“ from Cellovations®.

The Endothelial Cell Growth Medium „EASY" makes it easy for you in every way.
„EASY" has been developed for the special needs in basic research groups and contains: essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins, organic and inorganic compounds, hormones, growth factors, trace minerals, plus 2% FCS, together with the mixture of supplements.

  • Easy choice
    Get top quality for your cells at an irresistible top price.
  • Easy to handle
    PELOBiotech uses this easy-to-use medium in their daily routine and is excited to offer this great product.
  • Easy in the results
    Optimal growth of endothelial cells out of large vessels. Fast proliferation.

Every research has its challenge. Where is yours?

We’re proud to assist scientists and researchers like you!

With that medium our cells grow perfectly


"I’m using PELOBiotech’s Skeletal Muscle Cell Growth Medium for my own isolated primary cells from clinics. With that medium our cells grow perfectly well and we love the reliability of the medium and the service of the company."

Epithelial cells for 3D culture are easy to handle


“I used human primary pancreatic epithelial cells for 3D culture and immunostaining. They are easy to handle and I could expand them for 3 passages. Overall these cells are useful source for study pancreatic epithelium in humans, thought with limited passage number and modification.”

Very pleased with the stable growth performance of my cells


"I´ve been very pleased with the stable growth performance of my cells with the new medium Endothelial Growth medium EASY from Cellovations. I will continue using it for my experiments."

10/10: Surprised that you can find this kind of customer service

TU Delft, NL

"I reached out to PELObiotech to get a specific cell line + the optimal cell culture medium for our laboratory and Dr. Arista was the one assisting me in this whole process. Their response time was incredibly fast, their customer services more than satisfactory and their planning ahead made the whole order/delivery process of the items (they had to be imported from the USA) smooth, efficient and once again, very fast. Pleasantly surprised that we can still find this type of customer service/approach nowadays. 10/10 would recommend!”

So fast and helpful


Dr. Arista has been extremely helpful and patient in assisting me in placing orders for cells and recommending appropriate media and protocols. Any orders I have placed have arrived faster than expected and have grown without issue.

Attentive to customer's needs


PELOBiotech has shown a very helpful attitude and they are attentive to their customer's needs. I have only good things to say about them and can highly recommend them.

Contributed to optimal experimental condition


"PELOBiotech’s media have contributed to optimal experimental conditions for my endothelial cells and the service, especially the scientific support, was outstanding.”