High quality products for clinical work offered by PELOBiotech.


We offer a lot in the field of ​​cGMP, but what else does PELOBiotech offer?

We are more than competent4cells – and that also in the field of cGMP. From quality products to fast delivery we are your competent cell culture experts.

  • We are the qualified, solution-oriented experts you have been looking for.
  • We provide you with one of the best cell portfolios for your research needs.
  • We fill the gap and build a bridge between innovative research and the special requests of the clinical sector.
  • Get proficient recommendations and info first hand.

Take the opportunity and trust our expertise and rely on our products in the field of cGMP.

GMP - a regulated and
safe system.

"Good Manufacturing Practice” regulations provide us with a system that should ensure consistent, controlled products and services. GMP stands for the best and safest services and products. The GMP guidelines include all aspects of the product’s life cycle and manufacturing process from product development and raw materials selection to the final production process, testing, storage, and shipment.

We are proud that we can offer such high-quality products for clinical work.



"We can make your life science business a success from the very beginning. It is market experience combined with scientific excellence and a 100% focus on success."

Dr. Lothar Steeb and Dr. Peter Frost, CEOs PELOBIOTECH GmbH



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Our CEOs combine a 40+yrs Biotech experience and they offer a full service CRO - from one source. Download our “CRO & CMO Services” Brochure for free.

More Than Competence4Cells.

Life Science research
with PELOBiotech.

Cell Culture offer

More than 18,000 high-end Cell Culture products.


Broad portfolio in the field of cells, media and tools.

Years of experience

CEOs have around 35 years of experience in their field.


„INNOVATIVE Through Research”.

Number of suppliers

Over 30 global suppliers.

Number of distributors

Many distributors throughout the world.

Location of own brand development


Location of own brand production


Daily Business

Cell sourcing and customized cell isolation from healthy and / or diseased donors.


Contract research, product development & production, 3D cell culture Services, Compound testing, reliable assays, Knowledge transfer.

Spoken Native Languages

German, English, Spanish and French.


An excellent clinical project ...

starts with excellent manufacturing of cells and media.

PELOBiotech is your first place to go for your Life Science Project. It is our mission to bridge research and clinical work by offering high-quality products that are GMP-like. Switch easily and with no new testing to the next level. Have you heard - that we believe that xeno-free systems may be one step to fully defined cell culture conditions? Are you ready to step up?

Good for you to know: We can also offer customized cells!


Your benefits when using our products.

turn your research - into a clinical project easily.

We make sure that you can work with identical qualities in research and clinical settings. That's why we offer - Premium and GMP Grade. Premium grade is produced under GMP conditions without being GMP. This guarantees that you can easily switch from basic research to pre-clinical research without testing the used products again.

When your time has come, switch from Premium to confidable cGMP products.

Every research has its challenge. Where is yours?

We’re proud to assist scientists and researchers like you!

With that medium our cells grow perfectly


"I’m using PELOBiotech’s Skeletal Muscle Cell Growth Medium for my own isolated primary cells from clinics. With that medium our cells grow perfectly well and we love the reliability of the medium and the service of the company."

Epithelial cells for 3D culture are easy to handle


“I used human primary pancreatic epithelial cells for 3D culture and immunostaining. They are easy to handle and I could expand them for 3 passages. Overall these cells are useful source for study pancreatic epithelium in humans, thought with limited passage number and modification.”

Very pleased with the stable growth performance of my cells


"I´ve been very pleased with the stable growth performance of my cells with the new medium Endothelial Growth medium EASY from Cellovations. I will continue using it for my experiments."

10/10: Surprised that you can find this kind of customer service

TU Delft, NL

"I reached out to PELObiotech to get a specific cell line + the optimal cell culture medium for our laboratory and Dr. Arista was the one assisting me in this whole process. Their response time was incredibly fast, their customer services more than satisfactory and their planning ahead made the whole order/delivery process of the items (they had to be imported from the USA) smooth, efficient and once again, very fast. Pleasantly surprised that we can still find this type of customer service/approach nowadays. 10/10 would recommend!”

So fast and helpful


Dr. Arista has been extremely helpful and patient in assisting me in placing orders for cells and recommending appropriate media and protocols. Any orders I have placed have arrived faster than expected and have grown without issue.

Attentive to customer's needs


PELOBiotech has shown a very helpful attitude and they are attentive to their customer's needs. I have only good things to say about them and can highly recommend them.

Contributed to optimal experimental condition


"PELOBiotech’s media have contributed to optimal experimental conditions for my endothelial cells and the service, especially the scientific support, was outstanding.”