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Organoids: Unlocking the Power of 3D Tissue Models for Disease Research and Drug Discovery

From KAb 17. Juli 2023 10 min

Delve into the fascinating world of organoids, miniature 3D models that mimic human organs. Discover how these tiny powerhouses are revolutionizing disease research and drug discovery by faithfully replicating the complexity and functionality of human tissues. From modeling rare diseases to exploring personalized medicine, organoids offer a remarkable window into the inner workings of our bodies. Join us as we uncover the incredible potential of organoids in unraveling the mysteries of human biology and advancing medical breakthroughs.


Revolutionizing Drug Development: Exploring the Power of Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies

From KAb 17. Juli 2023 5 min

Unlocking the Future of Drug Development: Discover the Revolutionary Potential of Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies. Explore how the convergence of microfluidics and organoids is revolutionizing preclinical testing, offering enhanced predictability, reduced costs, and personalized medicine. Learn how these miniature organs-on-a-chip are transforming the pharmaceutical industry and paving the way for safer, more efficient drug discovery. Dive into the exciting possibilities and advancements in this cutting-edge field that holds the key to faster, more reliable, and animal-free drug development.

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Challenges in the Diagnosis of Amyloidosis: Unraveling the Complexity of a Heterogeneous Disease

From KAb 07. Juni 2023 10 mins

Amyloidosis is a group of disorders characterized by the extracellular deposition of misfolded proteins, forming insoluble amyloid fibrils. Despite significant advances in understanding the pathogenesis and treatment of amyloidosis, its diagnosis remains a challenge. This article aims to highlight the complexities involved in diagnosing amyloidosis, emphasizing the importance of early detection for improved patient outcomes.


What Makes Exosomes and Stem Cell Therapy the Cell-ebrities of Regenerative Medicine?

From KAb 30. Mai 2023 10 minutes

Unlocking the Secrets of Exosomes: Revolutionary Therapy with Endless Potential. Discover the remarkable advantages of exosomes in modern medicine, from targeted drug delivery to minimal immune response. Uncover the cutting-edge science behind these tiny vesicles and their potential to transform the future of healthcare. Explore the possibilities of non-invasive treatments and disease modification through the power of exosomes. Delve into the world of exosome therapy and witness the incredible impact it can have on human health. Read more to unveil the hidden potential of these extraordinary cellular messengers.


PELOAcademy | Certificates of analysis for tissue dissociation enzymes: Practical utility

From KAb 28. April 2023 1 minute

Discover the practical utility of enzyme Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) for islet isolation. Learn how to make the most of CoAs, their correlation with outcomes, and troubleshooting tips. Register now for valuable insights and recommendations


Endothelial Cells: Their multifaceted role in health and disease

From KAb 14. April 2023 7 min

What are endothelial cells?

Endothelial cells are vital components of the circulatory system and play a crucial ...


Creating a BBB Equivalent: Leveraging Tempo-iMG™ and Tempo-iOligo™ Technologies

From KAb 04. April 2023 5 min

Why do we not have better drugs for treating neurodegenerative diseases?

Neurodegenerative diseases are a major global health ...


How Advanced 3D Cell Culture Systems are the solution for more Predictive and Reproducible Results.

From CB 13. Mrz 2023 5

Meet us at... Advanced Cell Culture Technologies in Vienna, March 17, 2023

PELOBiotech, is looking forward to meeting you at  ...