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Meet us at...Joint Meeting of Austrian and German Society of Extracellular Vesicles

25. Oktober 2022 2

We are attending the “Small New World Joint Meeting” of the Austrian and German Society of Extracellular Vesicles 2022 in Salzburg, Austria on October 28-29. ASEV´s and GSEV’s mission is to organize scientific meetings to spread and discuss new findings in the field of extracellular vesicles.
Meet Dr. Peter Frost and Katharina Raschke at our booth.


Primary Cells from PELOBiotech - Your Expert for Human and Animal Primary Cells

25. Oktober 2022 2

PELOBIOTECH is a leading supplier of primary cells. With a focus on primary cell culture we offer one of the broadest portfolios of cell culture products & media from our exclusive partners all over the world.

Choose out of a range of 20,000 cell culture products to get everything from one shop.


Meet us at... Extracellular Vesicles & Nanoparticle Therapeutics Europe 2022

18. Oktober 2022 1

PELOBiotech is happy to be at the SelectBIO Extracellular Vesicles (EV) & Nanoparticle-based Therapeutics Europe 2022 Conference. It will be on 24-25 October 2022 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, at the Hilton Hotel Rotterdam. Meet Dr. Peter Frost (PELOBiotech), Mr. Moon Lee, Mrs. Joo Youn Lee and Mr. Yongjun Park (all Xcell Therapeutics, Korea) at their booth.


PELONews: Human & Animal Primary Lung Cells, Media and Tools now updated

From CB 14. Oktober 2022 2

The respiratory tract extends from the nose all the way to the alveoli of the lungs. There are many highly specialized cells in the respiratory tract and the lung areas. The anatomy of the nose is already fascinating because it changes its epithelium towards the throat. But after that, there are many highly specialized cells in the respiratory tract and the lung areas. Together with the endothelium, nerves, and other cell types, they fulfill the function of the first defense barrier against external pollutants.


PaperAlert: PFKFB4 interacts with FBXO28 to Promote HIF-1α Signaling in Glioblastoma

27. September 2022 4

Comprehension of the role of PFKFB4 in tumor cell survival and its newly discovered function coupled with its cancer specificity provides a new strategy for inhibiting HIF-1α in cancer cells.

Congrats to the groups of Emma Phillips, Christel Herold-Mende,
Sarah-Maria Fendt et al and thanks for choosing our BIT Admixture.
See Datasheet here

Oncogenesis11, 57 (2022),


PELONews: Up to 15% savings on every product - from Tissue Dissociation to Cell-based Assays

20. September 2022 2

Finally - the Oktoberfest, the Wiesn, is back again with lots of fun, centrifugal forces plus a good measure of ice cold preservation in liquid Mass.

As everything is getting more expensive... We are doing our best for you and are offering now till the end of October a full 10% discount on our Portfolio (*). Browse our catalog to find Primary Cells, Media and Tools, 2D/3D Cell Culture products, Enzymes, Assays and much more.


Strategies to target Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial cells (LSECs)

From BPr/chb 09. August 2022 3

Liver sinusoidal endothelial cells (LSECs) are one of the most specialized endothelial cells of any organ of the body with the highest endocytosis capacity of human cells and are a permeable barrier.


Modern disease, modern solutions for NASH-research

02. August 2022 2

PELONews: Modern disease, modern solutions for NASH-research: Human & Animal Hepatocytes. NASH can be defined as the liver manifestation of a metabolic disorder and is the most severe form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).