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NEW Partner: PELOBiotech is strenghtening its leading position in the field of MSCs & GMP.

16. Juli 2020

Cell culture is a critical component of research, development and production in the life sciences. Cell culture media in particular ...


Advanced Strategies for your Covid-19-Research.

04. Mai 2020

New Lung Cells & Tools list by PELOBiotech. Find human cells from healthy donors, huge number of #lung cells from diseased donors ...


PELONews: Stay well supplied and check your stock please.

16. Mrz 2020

for the many scientists who are making the shift to work at their homeoffice (including ourselves), it’s more important than ...


PELONews: Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Berlin… we are coming.

27. Februar 2020

Let´s meet & enter our raffle: Join us next week March 05., 2020 at Elrig Forum in Darmstadt and IGLD in Frankfurt (March 5-7). Peter Frost & Lothar Steeb ...


PELONews: Join FREE live MSC-Webinar

29. Januar 2020

our challenge: Are you interested in reducing or completely eliminating serum content in your media? But so far your cell performance has suffered?


PELONews: Meet us at… EPITA in Innsbruck, AT

21. Januar 2020

Have a break at your Reliable Resource Center with Enzymes for Academic and Clinical Use and Cell Therapy.