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   10 % Cellovations MSCs und MSC Medien  plus 1x My Matrix MSC by denovoMatrix*

   3D CoSeedis Starter Kit with 10% discount!*

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* Offers expire February 29, 2020. Some restrictions may apply.


LipiDye: Get the Lipid Droplet Green now 10 % OFF*Read about in our PELONEWS.

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Also available: Fibronection for coating in R&D and cGMP quality. Just ask for your personal offer.

We have what you need – see for yourself. Ask for our extensive Human & Animal Cell List.

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TOP-Quality Medium for TOP-Price: pay only 87 Euro p.U.

The Cellovations EASY Endothelial Cell Growth Medium is a complete medium formulated for optimal growth of endothelial cells. We want you to have a very convenient and easy opportunity to grow your cells with the best possible conditions and the best possible price. Due to the growing demand we can offer this premixed medium now at an irrestible price. Pay as low as 87 € p.Unit (500 ml) plus shipping, handling fee, calculated individually.

 3D Models, Technologies and Microfluidic

Lena Biosciences: Get static and dynamic 3D Cell Culture
15 % OFF* on most products, Starter-Kits excluded.
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Xylyx Bio Starter Kit % System with 10% discount!*

All ECMs with 10 % discount.*Fill out the form so we can discuss exactly which one YOU need for your application.

All 3D CoSeedis Products as well with 10% discount!* Also NEW 24-well plate now available.

3D CoSeedis: “It’s genius” (a leading scientist from Freiburg)
Discover now the great tools for spheroid cancer culture – easy– reliable – reproducible. Up to 260 spheroids on one plate. Find out more here.

Multi-purpose Applicability:
-Cancer/Tumor eg. liver, heart, breast…
-MSCs eg. Adipo-derived, bone-marrow derived
&More: Click now here

*Offers expire December 31, 2019. Some restrictions may apply e.g. n.a in CH and France.

Get it right from the start: Choose highly purified enzymes

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Our partner VitaCyte offers the broadest line of purified cell and tissue dissociation enzymes on the market.  DE Collagenase line covers a spectrum of activity ratios, taking the guess-work out of most common tissue dissociation applications. Or supplement Collagenase products with your choice of neutral protease, such as BP Protease or AF Thermolysin.

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Featured Product

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-> myMatrix MSC – state of the art optimal environement for your MSC research

-> Partner for Static and Dynamic 3D Cell Culture, see p3

-> Our Great Roadmap to better cell culture Performance

-> Special on MSCs

Why we are Simply Premium Choice…

PELOBiotech GmbH offers a broad range of primary cells, stem cells, genetically modified cell systems and 3D cell models.

To be able to get you these premium products we work together with leading companies worldwide. This will guarantee best quality and a huge number of highly innovative products and services.

PELOBiotech GmbH offers more than competence for cells. Get everything from one shop.

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Upcoming Webinar

Thur, Feb  06, 2020

NEW Product: Mighty Match for your MSC Culture (German)

by Dejan Husman, PhD, CEO denovoMatrix

NEW Products: Mighty Match for your MSC Culture

presented by Dr. Dejan Husman, PhD, CEO denvomatrix
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