PELONews: NEW Flourescent Dye LiveReceptor.

17. December 2020

Specific labeling regent for synaptic AMPA type glutamate receptor

LiveReceptor AMPAR is the world-first reagent which can specifically label AMPA-type glutamate receptors (AMPARs) with fluorescein dye on living neurons. This reagent is based on a unique chemical reaction and can accomplish labeling of AMPARs keeping its ligand-binding pockets and receptor functions. It is a powerful tool to investigate physiological functions of AMPAR by monitoring receptor trafficking of endogenous AMPARs on live cells. No complicated protocol and genetic manipulation are required.

Generally, fluorescein direct conjugated ligand has been used for labeling receptors, however, such ligands easiliy detach from ligand binding pocket, and then signal will be faded out.

  • Can label fluorecein to endogenous AMPAR
  • Highly specific to AMPAR (GluA2-4 subunit). Other ion channel type glutamate receptors will not be labeled.
  • Can observe signal for 1 to 4 hours after adding LiveReceptor to medium.
  • No cell permeability – only AMPAR on cell surface can be labeled.
  • Ion channel function is maintained after labeling
  • Low cytotoxicity under recommended concentration (1 μM)


  • Live cell imaging
  • Immunocytochemistry with specific antibodies
  • Immunoprecipitation with anti-fluorescein antibody
  • Immunoblotting with anti-fluorescein antibody
  • Drug screening for competitive AMPAR antagonist