PELONews: myMATRIX iPSC: Xeno-free & Chemically Defined iPSC Culture.

27. April 2021

Ever wondered what an animal-source free Extracellular Matrix (ECM) could do to your Pluripotent Stem Cells (PSC)?

Our partner denovoMATRIX has developed a chemically defined, animal and human component-free coating that recapitulates the function of the #ECM by combining glycosaminoglycans with biofunctional peptides, called myMATRIX iPSC. This matrix shows great single-cell attachment as well as robust and reliable growth in long-term culture. Importantly, PSCs grown on #myMATRIX iPSC retain their pluripotency, genetic integrity and stemness character during long-term culture (approx. 140 days).

Applications: stem cell research, drug development and cell therapy applications

  • Ready-to-use and easily adaptable
  • Reliable and robust performance
  • Tailored for human iPSC culture: Strong proliferation and typical iPSC morphology

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