Make your proteomic research easier!

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Make your proteomic research easier!

  • How?

Use ReSyn Polymer Microparticle Technology Platform!

  • What are microparticles?

Microparticles are spherical particles between 1 and 1000 µm in diameter. The small size of microparticles with porous structure have many advantages in the biomedical research and application. General proteomics sample preparation is a challenging task due to the heterogeneity of biological samples. Microparticles have many biomedical applications like coatings or even drug delivery application. Mass spectrometry is a frequently used technique in proteomics and Microparticles are used in the sample preparation of such studies.


Microparticles can be Solid, Porous or the most recently developed Magnetic ReSyn Microparticles.

  • What are the advantages of using ReSyn Microparticles?

They are hyper porous polymer which gives them higher capacity to bind more proteins and has high performance. The advanced ReSyn polymer technology could assist in solving the limitation of current microparticle based technologies which has limited surface binding capacity. ReSyn have developed microparticle technology platform, which has a hyper-porous polymer matrix that allows penetration of biological and synthetic molecules throughout the microparticles. And this leads to high surface area for binding of molecules. The binding capacity makes it possible for number of applications and increased sensitivity. The overall advantage is reducing the cost and time of R&D.



  • MagReSyn® microparticles

MagReSyn® Ultra-Capacity high performance magnetic microparticles are used for Mass Spectrometry sample preparation in proteomics. The product is developed to improve the reproducibility and automation of Mass Spectrometry and Bioseperation workflows. And to provide high capacity and specificity.

Choose ReSyn technology for

  • Bioseperation, because of its high biomolecule binding capacity, improved biomolecule purity and recovery
  • Biomolecule immobilization, because of its high protein binding capacity and enhanced protein stability

Unique features of MagReSyn® microparticles are

  • Increased shelf-life
  • Reduced sample contamination
  • Efficient
  • High Throughput automation possible

All of the ReSyn products are appropriate for Research purpose and not for clinical application.

The most on-demand ReSyn products of our customers are MagReSyn® Ti-IMAC and MagReSyn® Zr-IMAC, MagReSyn® Tio2, MagReSyn® Zr-IMAC, MAgReSyn® HILIC including other more of them.

For further information about the application of the ReSyn products please visit the method library of the company: