Solve the Mystery: How the complex Network of Proteins and Polysaccharides Influence your set-up

From BPr 03. June 2022 5

Extracellular Vesicles (EV) are the entities that are secreted by different cells and their function is to help in cell-cell communication. They take part in various physiological as well as pathophysiological process in the body. Based on functions and composition, EVs have important roles in Biomedical research. They can be used in treatments of cancer or immunological disorders, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson´s, Prion and many more.

EVs can play an important role as drug delivery or biomarkers in the diagnostic field. Moreover, EVs can be used as targets for the curation of many diseases.

Normally in the investigations where cell culture is done, FBS media are used in a wide range. But such media may contaminate the media and cell system with EVs or collagen, so the serum-free, EV-depleted, and synthetic media come into play here. We don't know how EVs can hinder our experiments so it could be a good idea to perform experiments without EVs. And based on the requirement, specific EVs can be used in cell culture or EV-free media can be used. Because of ethical as well as environmental reasons, researchers are looking for optimal options. Our partner companies have developed serum-free media and synthetic, chemically defined media. Depending upon your project you can use either specific EVs or EVs depleted media for the investigation of its functions.

When regular Primary cells are used the EVs cannot be ignored, and we don't even have an idea about their concentrations hence PELOBiotech along with our partner companies offer various tools for your specific research, in R&D or GMP grade.

We offer

  • customized media (EVs and EVs depleted),
  • media supplements,
  • Passaging solutions,
  • Coatings and
  • Cryopreservation tools

    so that your project is less expensive and highly efficient.

Additionally, we have many tools for 3D cell culture. The mostly used matrix is Matrigel. Matrigel may also have many disadvantages like environmental hazards and animal exploitation. Our new partner Tissue Click has come up with an innovative product called PhenoDrive, which can be an alternative to Matrigel. Curious?

Our main purpose is to make your research journey smoother by providing various customized tools according to your need. So please go through our Overview Product at a Glance portfolio.