How a new biopolymer supports 3D cell cultures based on recombinant spider silk fibers

From CB 16. December 2021
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PELOBiotech GmbH, one of the leading Cell Culture solution experts worldwide, is happy to launch SpheroSeev, a recombinant biopolymer similar to spider silk. It is used together with hydrogels (e.g. Matrigel) to stabilize hydrogels for long-term culture. Due to its unique structure, cells grow almost naturally in tissue and easily in a spheroid formation (organoid, tumoroid & co-culture), consistent and reproducible.

SpheroSeev, used by laboratories throughout the world, mimics natural tissue morphology and cell behavior for purposes of hepatotoxicity & ADME-Tox, drug discovery, stem cell research, cancer research, tissue engineering & 3D bioprinting, and cultured meat.

For scientists SpheroSeev’s advantages are:

  • Easy to use (a 5-minute process). Just add it to your cells
  • improves the stability of your 3D cell culture
  • Long shelf-life and sterile (up to 1 year)
  • Minimal protocol adaption to switch from 2D or currently used 3D
  • Compatible with automated handling and imaging equipment
  • High consistency for reproducible cell-based assays

The technology:

The fibers’ nano and microarchitecture mimic the natural Extracellular Matrix (ECM), providing a tissue-like environment for cells. The highly porous structure enables better access to oxygen and nutrients, thereby reducing the necrotic core and supporting prolonged viability and functionality. High strength and elasticity provide mechanical cushioning and protection to individual cells within the organoid. The large surface area enables the delivery of active ingredients to the core of the spheroids.

Ask for your personal quote today: PB-SVX-SPHSV-1; Seevix; 1 mg. listprice: 396 Euro  

Paper: A new cell-sized support for 3D cell cultures based on recombinant spider silk fibers

Keywords 3D cell culture, scaffold, spheroids, spider silk, hepatocytes, 3D model, drug screening, ECM

About Seevix:
Seevix is a privately held biotech company producing high-strength spidersilk fibers, identical to natural fibers. Through recombinant DNA technologies and backed by over a decade of scientific research, the Israelian team found a unique way to replicate the natural process of spidersilk creation. Seevix was founded in 2014 and is located in Jerusalem, Israel to revolutionize material science by using spidersilk’s unique natural properties to create innovative high-performance products that improve peoples’ lives. They develop also advanced nanocomposites for medical devices, such as surgical sutures, and scaffold solutions for tissue engineering, which benefit from our fibers’ mechanical properties and biocompatibility. In addition, they also reinforce materials for next generation products in the aerospace, defense, tire and automotive, 3D printing, cosmetics, additive manufacturing, and sports industries.

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