Unlocking the Potential of SC in the Olfactory System

As our understanding of stem cells has increased, the possibility of using stem cell therapies to treat disease is on the horizon. Barbara Murdoch, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Eastern Connecticut State University, is studying #stem cells (#SC) found in the olfactory epithelium (#OE) with the aim of finding therapies for #neurodegeneration.

The OE is one of the few tissues in the body which is known to regenerate neurons, preserving our sense of smell throughout our lives.

“Have you ever had the experience where you smell something and the scent evokes a memory from years back in time?” asked Dr. Murdoch. “This is because not only can the stem cells in the OE divide and differentiate to replace the lost neurons, but they can also recreate the exact same connection in the brain as the neuron they are replacing.”

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