Tissue Dissociation – moving from a Black Box to Defined Enzyme Mixtures

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presented by Peter Frost, PhD, CEO, PELOBIOTECH

Date: Thur, Oct 12, 2017

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Reproducible from the start: How enzymes influence your data

The success of cell isolation from solid tissues is dependent on the quality of the enzymes (collagenase and neutral protease) being used. Since the 1960s crude collagenase products from Clostridium histolyticum have been used. The products are only minimal purified from c. Histolyticim supernatants containing a broad range of enzyme activities including collagenase, enteroprotease, exoprotease, phospholipase, neuramidase, hyaluroinidase and others. This fact causes the problem of a high inconsistency from batch to batch and the need for batch testing by customers. To overcome this situation enzymes have to be purified. In the last 20 years the key enzymes in crude collagenase responsible for release of cells from tissues were identified as Collagenase ( C. Histolyticum) class I and II, neutral protease (C. histolyticum) and clostripain. The need for development of purified collagenase was driven by clinical research scientist who needed to increase human islet yields for use in islet transplantation into adult patients with diabetes type I since the mid-1990s.

In this FREE Webinar we will present you – highly purified and – defined enzyme mixtures for – islet & – hepatocyte isolation. Furthermore the actual development of VitaCyte, our partner for tissue dissociation enzymes, makes affordable and defined enzyme mixtures available for R&D and clinical applications. Learn more about new – applications – benefits and – limitations.

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