The Promise of Cell Therapy in the Clinic: Can the Media be an Ally?

Even a cursory glance at general media over recent weeks would have indicated an increased amount of coverage dedicated to immunotherapy. Partly linked to recent developments in the filed, most major outlets have, in the past few months, chimed in, in one way or another, in a response to the major headlines.

As an example, this week, the New York Times asked “What Is Immunotherapy?” in an article that followed on from recent NY Times reports commenting on the recent stem cell clinic data and the temporary halt of Juno Therapeutics’ CAR-T trials.

Others have followed suit, reflecting what the media appears to perceive as a momentum that the field is currently enjoying. Yet there is optimistic caution, with the field and its treatments being called “controversial” in some reports. Such claims are understandable, especially due to the reactory nature with which the media operates.

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