Angio-Proteomie is an expert in Endothelial cells, GFP- and RFP-labeled cells.

Angio-Proteomie offers high-quality reagents for life science research and development. Angio-Proteomie is especially known for their human primary endothelial cells as well as GFP and RFP labeled cells and for 3D modeling and imaging.

They also provide quality antibodies, Angiogenese-Kits, siRNA, Proteins, Primary Cells and human Cell Lines, Recombinant Proteins, Custom Based Services, IHC, Cell-based Assays. Meanwhile, Angio-Proteomie is at the beginning of developing therapeutic, fully human antibodies using human B-cell hybridomas.

Overview of our products for Angio-Proteomie.

Human Schwann Cell Like Cells - (Angioproteomie) Cells

Human and Animal Primary Cells.

At our supplier Angio-Proteomie, a variety of Human and Animal Primary cells are available. Human primary cells closely mimic the physiological state of cells in vivo and generate more relevant data representing living systems. Angio-Proteomie Primary Cell Solutions consist of quality cells, and reagents matched and optimized to work with each primary cell type.

Also, have a look at their Stem Cells, human primary endothelial GFP and RFP labeled cells and immortalized cells. For Blood-Brain-Barrier research you may also find Pericytes and Stellate Cells, for cancer research a lot of Tumor Cells. Ask us for the corresponding media and kit solutions.

Therapeutic, fully human antibodies

You may find many products for your cell culture from cells and media to cell culture tools.

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