Sample Preparation & Product Purification

Sample Preparation: Minimize your Efforts and Accelerate your Projects

Smart Researchers don´t wait for their sample preparation. They use modern methods like Magnetic Force, which are used for many applications in research and Development.

We offer two different magnetic systems for product purification and sample preparation. The QuicPick technology (BioNobile) ist used for DNA/RNA/Protein purification in small volumes. The high-performance magnetic microsphere technology of ReSyn Biosciences is mainly used for sample preparation. For more information just read below.

High Performance Microsphere Products

ReSyn Biosciences, a South African start-up, is specialized in high-performance high capacity magnetic microsphere products, the MagReSyn® range.

The high-performance MagReSyn® products are suitable for a range of proteomics, molecular and cell biology applications. The products are HT compatible and suitable for automation of workflows. The ReSyn polymer technology has been derivatized into a range of magnetic microsphere products with high capacity and specificity, to meet the most stringent R&D requirements.

Your Benefits for biseparation and protein immobilization:

  • High biomolecule binding capacity
  • High functional group density of 3,500 µmoles.g-1, allows for multi-point covalent attachment of bioseparation ligand reducing leaching and enhancing stability.
  • Improved biomolecule purity and recovery
  • High protein binding capacity (>100% protein loading)
  • Enhanced protein stability through multipoint attachment
  • Demonstrated enzyme activity retention

For more Information just check out the webpage of ReSyn Biosciences

Available products (click on the boxes below to get more Information):

MagReSyn NTA -> purification of 6x-histidine-tagged proteins

MagReSyn SAX -> for rapid protein fractionation

MagReSyn TiO2 -> for highly-specific phosphopeptide enrichment

MagReSyn ZrO2 -> for highly-specific phosphopeptide enrichment

MagReSyn Ti-IMAC -> for highly-specific phosphopeptide enrichment

MagReSyn Amine -> for ligand adsorption or chemical modification

MagReSyn Carboxyl -> for covalent ligand immobilization

MagReSyn Streptavidin -> for capture of biotinylated molecules

MagReSyn Protein A -> for affinity purification of antibodies and immunoprecipitation

MagReSyn Protein G -> for affinity purification of antibodies and immunoprecipitation

MagReSyn Trypsin -> tryptic digestion of proteins for mass spectrometry sample preparation

MagReSyn Chemotrypsin -> chemotryptic digestion of proteins for mass spectrometry sample preparation

For futher information please check out ReSyn Biosciences webpage

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BioNobile DNA/RNA/Protein Purification Systems

Purification Made Easy

The QuickPick™ technology from Bio-Nobile offers tangible improvements over conventional purification technologies both in manual applications and in higher throughput automatic solutions. Bio-Nobile supplies a complete solution for nucleic acid and protein purification by providing QuicPick™ magnetic tools and MagRo™ robotic workstation together with QuickPick™ reagents and consumables.

QuicPick™ magnetic tools MagRo™ 96-M robotic workstation QuickPick™ kits

What is magnetic purification?

Magnetic purification relies on the affinity on the surface of magnetic particles. A suspension of magnetic particles is mixed with a preparation of the target molecule. Once the target has bound to the affinity group, a magnet is used to separate the target-bound particles from the solution. The unbound material can then be washed away from the particles. Depending on the application, the target molecules can then, if necessary, be detached from the magnetic particles.

Magnetic particle technology offers the advantages of speed and simplicity. When compared with separation methods such as centrifugation and vacuum extraction it is more economical, and far more gentle on the sample.

By providing the ability to move magnetic particles directly from one stage of the assay to the next, Bio-Nobile magnetic purification products enable researchers to derive greater benefit from the wide range of surface chemistries and particle materials available today.

QuickPick™ technology:

Move particles – not liquids

The QuicPick™ magnetic tools together with the QuickPick™ kits spearhead a new approach to magnetic purification. Rather than immobilizing magnetic particles and then removing the surrounding liquid, the QuicPick approach is to lift the particles directly out of the liquid. The particles can thus be moved rapidly and effortlessly from one stage of the purification to the next.

Here you will find a few other products which might be of interest:

  • MonoSpin Columns for small volume sample preparation
  • EVSecond – size exclusion chromatography (SEC) column, for Exosome purification.
  • UltraRIPA kit for extraction of membrane proteins or membrane-associated proteins enriched in lipid rafts
  • LsODN Preparation Kit – a simple and easy method for generation of a long ssDNA (within 1,500 base or within 3,000 base)
  • Kaneka Easy DNA Extraction Kit – fast (~ 10 min.) DNA extraction kit