Arrays & Assays: Get the Details, Easy

Assays are a great tool to test a variety of different features and to get more information about one specific detail for your research.

Because we know your time is valuable, we offer a lot of innovative and standard arrays&assays to make your life easier with their easy-to handle systems. You may know in very early stages of your project which way may be the best to choose. At crucial points you get the right hints to start over and get your protocols standardized.

We have standardized assays like Elisa and functional assays like Cancer Stem Cell assays for Leukemic cells, Colony Forming assays (CFUs) or Angiogenesis tracing kits.


GradientEZ is a qualitative cell invasion and migration assay which  enables cells to migrate in three dimensions as they do in vivo.


• Cell migration assays
• Cell invasion assays
• Chemo-invasion assays
• Chemotaxis assays
• Metastatic potential 

The human AngioTracing Kit incorporates GFP-tagged human endothelial cells from variable tissues that are co-cultured with RFP-tagged human mesenchymal supporting cells in a specially designed medium.


The systems will form a network of anastomosing tubules that closely resembles the capillary bed found in vivo after 1-2 weeks.

The Angiogenesis Tracing Kits are designed to content:

  • 1 vial of pre-mixed and tagged human primary cells (endothelial cells & mesenchymal stem cells)
    • 1 × 14 ml Speed Coating Solution
    • 1 × 500 ml 1 × 500ml of Endo-Growth Medium (ready-to-use)

We offer the following kits (24 well-format):

Apoptosis is an extreme of cell death and is characterized by several biochemical features e.g. cell shrinkage, membrane blebbing, chromosome condensation, nuclear fragmentation and DNA laddering.  We offer different assays to detect induced or ongoing apoptosis via Annexin, Caspase, Cathepsin D or DNA strand breaks (TUNEL).

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The MicroMatrix extra cellular matrix (ECM) array enables rapid screening of 36 different combinations of extra cellular matrix proteins (ECMPs) in a single experiment, requiring only a limited population of cells. Each of the 36 ECM conditions on a MicroMatrix array consists of one to several matrix proteins, spotted onto a thin hydrogel layer. Cells will attach only to the ECM spots, with greater cell density and superior morphology being observed in the matrix conditions for which the cells have an affinity. Once identified on the MicroMatrix array the ECM conditions that support your cell's attachment, morphology and other desired outcomes, can be further investigated in a chambered slide system or ordered as an optimized solution to coat labware.

The assays can be used also to investigate the influence of the microenvironment of stem cell differentiation.

MicroMatrix 36 Array - PB-MM012011

Cell based Elisa are used to characterize human primary cell differentiation/un-differentiation (adipocytes, chondrocytes and osteoblasts), adult stem cell differentiation (MSC)  or Cancer Stem Cells (Breast CSC and Pancreatic CSC).

ColonyGEL™ Methylcellulose-based CFC Assays


About Colony Forming Cell Assays

Hematopoietic progenitors with lineage-restricted (less primitive) or multi-lineage (more primitive) potential form morphologically distinct colonies when grown in a suitable semi-solid medium containing appropriate growth factors and other supplements. To form the specific colony type that characterizes its potential, a progenitor cell must both proliferate and differentiate within the supportive matrix.

Colony-forming cell (CFC) assays therefore have great utility in the identification and enumeration of the different types of functional progenitors in hematopoietic tissues (e.g. bone marrow, cord blood, fetal liver) and manipulated cell populations (e.g. purified, expanded, frozen/thawed, drug treated, etc.).

For a variety of reasons, methylcellulose has become the matrix of choice for semi-solid media for CFC assays. Pre-screening and qualification of the various components of methylcellulose-based media allow for media products that are highly reproducible in their ability to support vigorous and robust growth of the various types of progenitors.

ColonyGEL™ meets the highest standards of methylcellulose-based media for hematopoietic colony-forming cell assays.
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We offer CFU media for:

Cell Proliferation Assays:

We offer a proliferation assay based on XTT which gives you results in 2-5 hours. You need just an ELISA reader and the complete assays is performed  in a microtiter plate.

MTT and WST-1 assays are available, too.

Cell viability / vitality assays gives you the number of healthy cells in your culture. We offer assays based on MTT or WST-1.

We offer ELISA kits for different topics e.g.

  • Metabolic Syndrom - Diabetes
  • Hypertension & Stroke
  • Oxidative Stress-Sepsis
  • Cancer Biomarker
  • BPA
  • Drug Metabolism (P450-GST)
  • Cardio Tox
  • Cytokines, Growth factors & Chemokines
  • ECM Proteins
  • other

Assess the purity of sorted T-cells, B-cells, or Myeloid cells directly in the genomic DNA sample for lineage-specific chimerism analysis.


  • Save cells; stop performing flow cytometry
  • Use only 2 ng of DNA (less than 1,000 cells!)
  • Can be performed on frozen DNA, even years after cell sorting

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Mycoplasma Total Solution

  • Mycoplasma Detection
  • Mycoplasma Elimination
  • Mycoplasma Prevention
  • Mycoplasma-free cell freezing medium

Measure trace metals by micoplate reader within 10 minutes! The kits which we offer does not contain any hazardous components like cyanide or azide as preservative.

Samples: e.g. serum, plasma, urine, salvias, cell lysates, tiisue extracts, hair extracts and water.

  • Fe
  • Cu
  • Zn
  • Mg
  • Ca
  • Li (serum and plasma; heparin lithium samples cannot be used!)

Arrays & Assays