PELONews: Stay well supplied and check your stock please

Dear customers & colleagues,

for the many scientists who are making the shift to work at their homeoffice (including ourselves), it’s more important than ever to stay well supplied. We know that keeping your work in progress and aligned is important as we all adapt our working arrangements to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We’re continuing to deliver high-quality and reliable service for our products. We have enlarged our stock capacity for you and sufficient inventory available to meet anticipated demand for at least the next weeks. But: We also notice additional, unanticipated orders from customers in response to supply chain-related concerns. Also the anticipated restrictions could unfortunately negatively impact our ability to fulfill orders.

  1. please check your supply now, ask your departments and let us know what you would need to order to be well equipped.

2. Please check with your facility whether there are changes in your logistics routine. Are you still accepting and getting deliveries all the times? We will check in with you before we send out your delivery as we ask you politely to do the same. Thank you.

To discuss this our logistics, customer success&support are here for any of your questions. Online resources are available to teams around the world, so you can schedule an Online-Meeting and Support anytime via phone or Go-to-meeting.

On behalf of the global PELOBiotechTeam, we’re here for you. Take very good care.

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