PELOBiotech: EASY – New Endothelial Medium launched

We are happy to launch our EASY Endothelial Cell Growth Medium and offer you best value for the best price. We call this medium Easy, because it´s an easy choice – just get TOP quality for your cells at an irrestible TOP price.

EASY has been developed for the special needs in basic research groups. “We use this easy-to use medium in our daily routine and are thrilled”, says our CSO, Dr. Lothar Steeb. “That´s why we decided to ease the access to it with an all-beating price.” It´s just so – EASY.

The Cellovations EASY Endothelial Cell Growth Medium is a complete medium formulated for optimal growth of endothelial cells out of large vessels. We want you to have a very convenient and easy opportunity to grow your cells with the best possible conditions and the best possible price. Due to the growing demand we can offer this premixed medium now at an irrestible price. Pay as low as 83 Euro p.Unit (500 ml).

EASY contains

  • essential and non-essential amino acids,
  • vitamins,
  • organic and inorganic compounds,
  • hormones,
  • growth factors,
  • trace minerals
  • plus 2% FCS
  • together with the mixture of supplements.

Stockpack price offers available.
More information just click here.

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