PELOAcademy: From Bedside to Bench – Translating Clinical Tumour Treatments into 3D Culture

Please join us for this insightful Free Webinar: From Bedside to Bench – Translating Clinical TumourTreatments into 3D Culture

While ‘translational research’ is mainly seen as the effort to develop basic research into clinical routine, this webinar shows how #3Dculture systems may serve as a comprehensive tool to reproduce patient treatment protocols in your laboratory.

From a lab perspective, the clinical situation looks amazingly simple: Both patients and doctors do not bother much about biological endpoints as apoptosis or DNA damage of cancer cells, but focus on general ones:
Does the tumour shrink? And finally: Is the tumour cured?

In this webinar, you will learn:
• How to design and apply complex treatment schedules to micro-tumours, as #chemoradiation, fractionated #radiotherapy and hyperthermia treatment
• How to handle cancer cell types that normally do not grow as spheroids
• How optical scanning and paraffin sections are easily used to assess treatment response
• How to detect and isolate micro-tumours that did not respond to treatment

We are looking forwart to your questions and comments.
Please forward thsi invitiation to interested co-workers and friends. Thank you.

Dr. med Andreas Thomsen
and the Happy PELO-Team

live Thursday February 14, 2019, 10 AM (CET):

presented by Dr. med. Andreas Thomsen, Uni Freiburg

Join here or download record as it is available

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