PELOAcademy: Better workflow in the lab now ? Join this Thursday, next part on Cell Culture-Series

PELOAcademy is happy to continue its series of Webinars:
Can Cell Culture be as good as in vivo? Roadmap to a better Worfkflow in your lab.
We will discuss with you the most important steps during your workflow each 4th Thursday of the month. 
Join PELOBiotech’s next Free Live-Webinar:
Workflow: Can cell Culture be as good as in vivo today? Part 3
Cell Seeding & Requirements of Cell Environment
with focus on MSCs & Primary Cells
PELOAcademy: Cell seeding and Cell Culture Environment (English) presented by Dr. Lothar Steeb, CEO, CSO, PELOBiotech After isolating a cell type from the tissue and purifying it, if necessary, the next step is the correct seeding. It is important to consider which preparations have to be made for the plastic material used and to select the optimum sowing density depending on the cell type. Once all this is clear, the next decisive step is to determine what environment I create for my cells to keep them as close as possible to the in vivo state. The webinar will deal with the choice of ideal seeding and necessary basic conditions. It then clarifies the questions of how I design my environment (ECM or uncoated) and which cell culture media I use. Furthermore, we would like to give suggestions on what considerations should be made based on your own experiments and how we can help to find solutions.

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