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3D Dynamic in Vitro Models – Alternatives to Animal Testing

Date: Nov. 8, 2018
10 AM (CET)

In vitro cell cultures are often proposed as “Alternatives” to animal tests, but they are still inadequate to reproduce human pathophysiology. This is mainly due to the technological limitations of the standard equipment used in cell culture laboratories, such as the lack of a 3D micro-architecture, the static environment.

Learn how this new design of in-vitro technologies is relevant for the development of physiologically relevant tissue models and for the reduction and refinement of animal tests. All devices permit in-situ live-imaging and can be link. Explore multi-organ in-vitro models at the same time:

The main advantage is the possibility to simulate different tissues and image your cells in real time, maintaining the same protocols used in traditional cell culture experiments. This advanced cell culture systems can be used to perform 3D dynamic in-vitro models, following standard protocols. Learn in this webinar how you can use this advanced technology in your project.

-Blood Vessels

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