Cross Cell Culture with Innovation.

Cellovations is the brand of PELOBIOTECH’s own premium product line. We develop and produce Premium Cell Culture products with highest standards, manufactured in Germany only. You will know what you get – hassle-free.

Cellovations is the pure essence of our knowledge of a scientist’s challenge: Combine easy & fast handling, best ingredients, reproducible and predictive results – and all this at affordable prices.

PELOBIOTECH GmbH develops and produces special cell culture media for human primary cells, stem cells and embryonic stem cells as well as special supplements for tumor stem cells. Our media are developed to work with both commercially available cell systems and isolated cells.

Our goal is to block out the black box that occurs with undefined conditions in most existing media. That’s why we promote and develop more and more xeno-free and defined media so that science projects can get even easier to handle.

The best Media for your Research.

We offer a whole variety of known media. Just browse what we have for your demands.

  • regular Media
  • serum-free Media
  • animal/xeno-free Media
  • defined Media
  • customized Media

Cellovations Cells
The best Cells for your Studies.

We are proud to have one of the brightest portfolio of available cells.

  • regular Cells like HUVECs
  • diseased Cells
  • seldom Cells
  • customized Cells

Cellovations Tools

Great Tools for your Cell Culture.

As we know what counts we offer a variety of the most important Cell Culture tools.

  • Coating Solutions
  • Matrices
  • Passaging and
  • Tissue Dissociation
  • Growth Factors
  • BIT
  • Growth Supplements

We are able to ease and meet your own research needs. Contact us today and talk now to Dr. Lothar Steeb, our CSO.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for – give us a call and we’ll do the hard work for you.

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