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presented by Tommaso Sbrana, CEO IVtech, Italy

A standard 2D static in-vitro models is not representative of the reality. If the goal is the estimation of an in-vitro model to mimic a tumor environment this fact is well accepted. Learn how this innovative technology s permit in-situ live -imaging and linked together can simulate multi-organ systems.

presented by Dr. med Andreas Thomsen, Klinik für Strahlenheilkunde, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg

While ‘translational research’ is mainly seen as effort to develop basic research into clinical routine, this webinar shows how #3Dculture systems may serve as comprehensive tool to reproduce treatment protocols in your lab.

presented by Isaak Gerber, PhD, CTO ReSyn Biosciences, Southafrica Interested in pure Sample Purification? Learn more about high-performance microsphere products and services for your stringent R&D requirements and how the high capacity MagReSyn® line can help you easily.
presented by Lothar Steeb, PhD, CSO&CEO PELOBIOTECH GmbH Ready to know why  it´s a part of good research practice to use primary cells of the correct original locus. Learn, how to get your cells of interest and why you might get better and more predicitve results using Primary Cells compared to Cell Lines.
presented by Angel Garcia Martin, CEO Stemtek Therapeutics, Spain Biology isn´t flat anymore: Curious why 3D cell culture produces results that are closer to clinical settings? Learn about different types of 3D cell culture for drug screening and applications for ready to use 3D spheroid cultures.
presented by Vincent Petit (PhD), CEO Metafora Biosystems, France. Gain a new vision of cell metabolism: Learn more about this until now matchless technique that is able to quantify the expression of a set of nutrient ransporters at the cell membrane level.