NOW for European Research: New Medium in GMP and R&D quality – save your SAMPLE

We added two media for Mesenchymal stem cells to our portfolio called CellCor, a serum free chemically defined media composed of over 200 known compounds: CellCor™ CD is an animal component-free, serum-free (SFD) & chemically defined (CD) medium for expansion and growth of MSCs. The media do only contain recombinant compounds. 

Our gift to you: Order now your Sample at, subjectline; CellCor MSC.
Great for:

  • Adipose-derived (AD)- MSCs
  • Bone Marrow (BM)- MSCs
  • Umbilical cord (UC)- MSCs
  • Fibroblasts
  • Derma Papilla Cell (DPC)
CellCor™ does not contain any animal nor plant derived components, it is hPL- and Exosome free, in R&D and GMP quality.
Your Plus:
  • 200+ Compounds
  • Optimal Composition for MSCs. No extra coating needed in general! 
  • Mass Production Process
  • R&D and GMP quality
Product CellCor™
Class Serum-Free
Fully Defined
Chemically Defined
Cell Type Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell
Advantages Proliferation↑
Genetic Stability↑

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