The ultimate Overview of PELOBiotech’s popular Stem Cell &  ES/iPS cell products of 2021

04. October 2021

1. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS cells)

iPS Cells are pluripotent stem cells artificially derived from adult somatic cells through reprogramming, which show the properties of an embryonic stem cell. iPS cells have a huge potential in regenerative medicine especially in the field of diseases.

We can provide you with iPS cells reprogrammed from blood (EPCs), skin (Fibroblast) tissues or urine-derived progenitor cells (UPCs), all with a wide variety of donors.

Good to know: We offer also a wide variety of Human and Animal Primary Cells and Media. Plus: Experience our Cell Sourcing Service

PELOBiotech, together with our outstanding network of highly specialized partners offers more than 1,000 primary human and animal cell types (from a long list of tissues) together with selective cell culture media. Examples include: Endothelial Cells, Keratinocytes, Muscle Cells, Immune cells and cells from the inner organs and the brain.

Cell Sourcing Service:  The customers can source cells from healthy or diseased donors, as well as cells from various highly specific donors. Our portfolio also includes knock-out animal primary cells and we also offer human GFP/RFP tagged cells to meet your GMP needs.

Have a long look at: Ask us for our complete list of Animal & Human Cells & Media!

2. iPS Reprogramming Tools

We offer iPS reprogramming tools which create high quality human iPS cells from multiple target cell types via non-integrating mRNA signaling. With the reprogramming kit we aim to deliver safe, flexible, fast, and cost-effective reprogramming of both endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) derived from human peripheral, and cord blood as well as from human adult and neonatal fibroblasts.

Have a long look at: : STEMRNA 3RD Gene reprogramming kit for UPCs, EPCs and Fibroblasts

3. iPS-derived Cells

Pluripotent stem cells are a wonderful tool as through differentiation they can give rise to every other “primary” cell type (e.g. cardiomyocytes, hematopoietic cells as well as neuronal cell types) in the human body, regardless of the original tissue from which they were sourced. We offer human iPS-derived cells from a variety of donors (e.g. varying donor age and health status) together with specialized media.


4. Stem Cell, Embryonic Stem Cells (ES cells)/induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Media

We offer Media for Maintenance, Self-Renewal & Differentiation

Feeder-free Culture & Feeder-dependent Culture

Special differentiation media are designed to help facilitate the differentiation of your iPSC cells into a variety of “primary” iPS-derived cells. We offer media for ES/iPS cells as well as for iPS-derived cells from our supplier Reprocell and our Cellovations brand.

NEW: CellCorTM SFD Serum-free defined MSC Media & CellCorTM CD chemically defined MSC Media in R&D and GMP quality!

5. ES/iPS cell Cryo-media

As ES/iPS cells have higher demands regarding coating and cryo-preservation, we offer specialized tools:

Cryo-Preservation is one of the most important issues in cell culture, specifically in primary and stem cell culture since research with cells depends on viability and shelf life.

For this purpose, we offer new and unique formulations of cryo-media especially developed for ES cells and iPS cells. Classical cryo-media contain additives such as dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) which are potential mutagens.

Thus, more scientists are now searching for improved cryo-solutions that are DMSO-reduced up to DMSO-free, which in the clinical sector are also available in cGMP Quality.

Have a long look at:

  • CryoScarless (Bioverde via Funakoshi, for Stem Cells)
  • ReproCryo (ReproCell, for ES/iPS cells) and
  • CryoNovo P24 (Akron, for MSCs).
  1. Coating solutions – Extracellular Matrix Solutions (ECM)

Each cell type in the cell culture of both human stem cells and iPS cells needs a tailored setting of physiologically relevant conditions for optimized growth. This growth optimization is provided by ECM proteins through enhancement of cellular functions for cell survival and cell adhesion.

One of the most popular ECM proteins on the market at the moment used in coating solutions is human laminin, specifically the recombinant human laminin-511 E8 fragment.

Have a long look at:

  • iMatrix from Reprocell xeno-free, ready to use;
  • MyMATRIX MSC and MyMATRIX iPSC from our German partner in Dresden denovoMATRIX
  • Micro-Matrix™ from MicroStem

Good to know: iMatrix-511 not only promotes a high proliferation rate and viability of cells but is also xeno-free which is especially relevant in clinical research. Discover also all the other possibilities, depending on cultured cell types, 3 types of iMatrix (-221, -411 and -511) are available as an optimized product.

8. ES/iPS Tools

Beside cells and media, we provide you with a wide range of supporting cell culture tools from us and our partners:

9. CFC/CFU Assays

Assays are a great tool to test a variety of different features and to get more information about one specific detail for your research.

In the field of stem cell culture, we offer CFC and CFU assays which provide great utility in the identification and enumeration of the different types of functional progenitors in tissues and manipulated cell populations.

10. Small molecules and growth factors

Small molecules in stem cell culture can be used to research and modulate signaling pathways involved in the generation of iPS cells, and the differentiation of pluripotent stem cells.

We offer a broad portfolio of small molecules (produced by Stemgent and PELOBiotech), growth factors, and cytokines (ReproCell, Akron Biotech, PELOBiotech). The growth factors and cytokines are available also as animal component-free (ACF) and some are available in cGMP quality.

11. R&D and GMP-grade products

We offer a vast array of products available in GMP quality for all your clinical cell culture needs.

Next to GMP-grade cryo-media, part of our broad portfolio includes A&AB Serum; or if you want to work serum-free we also offer virus inactivated human platelet lysate as a substitute for fetal bovine serum.

We also provide you with the ready-to-use ECM protein fibronectin (human plasma-derived) in GMP-grade through our partner Akron Biotech, as well as human recombinant proteins in GMP quality.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you meet your stem cell culture needs!