Alternatives to Matrigel

From BPr 19. July 2022 2

No Matrigel at hand? Our new partner Tissue Click offers PhenoDrive which has a multifunctional nature.

Unlike GelMatrix/Matrigel it can be used as a coating, in suspension or as a bio-ink. This offers a simple and effective scale-up reducing experimental optimization and its time cost.

Valeria Perugini et al. have already published a paper in 2022. ->

Development of Scaffold-free vascularized pancreatic beta-islets in vitro models by the anchoring of cell lines to a biologand –functionalized gelatine substrate. V


The formation of bioengineered pancreatic islets through cell anchoring to a gelatine-based biomaterial, PhenoDrive-Y, is able to mimic the basement membrane of tissues. PhenoDrive-Y led human pancreatic ß Cell line and human umbilical endothelial cell lines structure which is similar to natural vascularized pancreatic islets. The study shows the potential of PhenoDrive-Y as a substrate for the development of bioengineered vascularized pancreatic islets making it suitable for new therapeutics.

Phenodrive vs GelMatrix/Matrigel at a glance.

  GelMatrix/Matrigel PhenoDrive
Methods Coating, Encapsulation Coating, Encapsulation Suspension, bio-ink
Temperature 4°C Room Temperature
Handeling (Viscosity) High Low
Microscopy Opaque Transparent
Composition Natural Synthetic
Formulations 1 6
Stability in culture 5 15