NEW LIVE Webinar: Physiologically Predictive Tools for Static and Dynamic 3D Cell Culture

Date&Time: Dec 5, 2019;
                       3 PM (CET)

presented by James T. Shoemaker, CSO, LENA Biosciences.

Looking for some new ways doing 3D Cell Culture?

We will  show you in a short lecture an overview what  LENA Biosciences can do for you. LENA is our new partner in the field of 3D Technologies, 3D Models & Microfluidic

LENA BioSciences (Atlanta, USA) offers scaffold-based technology for static and dynamic 3 D cell culture.

They develop cutting edge technologies that transform cell-based assays into physiologically predictive tools. Their goal: more efficient and cost-effective research for every scientist.

Three main product lines are available:

  • SEEDEZ – glass microfiber scaffolds in different formats (from 8 well t0 96 well)
  • PERFUSIONPAL – Organ-on-a-Chipinsert systems using glass microfiber scaffolds
  • GradientEZ – special glass microfiber scaffolds for migration and invasion assays.

James T. Shoemaker, PhD, CSO, will give you an intro on these techniques and what would be best for your application.

Please share this event with your co-workers and friends. Thank you.

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Your happy PELO-Team & Lena

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