Join FREE Webinar: Pave your Path with Primary Cells

Pave your Path with Primary Cells

presented by Lothar Steeb, PhD, CSO&CEO, PELOBIOTECH

In this FREE webinar we will reflect why Primary Cells are meaningful for basic and applied research. If you want to study hepatitis you do not use a #cardiomyocyte immortalized cell line. But often dermal microvascular cells are used as model for research on inner organ diseases. 

Date: Tue, October, 24, 2017: 10 AM (German) and 4 PM (English), CET
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We will answer much and controversial discussed questions:

1. Why do you still work with cell lines when primary cells are available, cells without genetical disorders and during their first passages similar RNA patterns as their counterpart cells in vivo?

2. If you are working with primay cells, why are cells used that are not from the organ of interest? The upcoming webinar tries to shed light on these mysteries and hopefully shows why it is a part of good research practice to use primary cells of the correct original locus. 

In addition I will give some hints how to get your cells of interest and you`ll learn why you might get better and more predicitve results using Primary Cells compared to Cell Lines.

Please share this information with your co-workers and friends.

Thank you. Your PELOBiotech-Team

 Tue, October, 24, 2017:
10 AM (German)
4 PM (English), CET


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