It´s time to say bye-bye

Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS/FCS) pimps up our cells, makes them strong und lets them grow. That´s what I´ve  learned 20 years ago and actually, that´s how it is still used today – at least in most research groups.

But there is a growing number of scientists sparing FBS-media instead they are using animal-free, serum-free and defined cell culture media – and they are doing it for a very good reason. FBS is getting more and more expensive, with soaring tendency. There are a lot of reasons for that rising, just to mention  – in bullet points – smaller herds of cattle in the US and therefore short supply for FBS plus growing oligarchy of the serum industry. Worriers are whining over their beloved standardized protocols, sure, I get that. But this is something I hear from a lot of in need of innovation industrial branches like brown coal or steel. “We are doing this for 20 years now, that can´t be wrong”, is the quote I´ve heard a least a hundred times.

But face it: There are so many disadvantages using FBS f. ex. myco plasma, prions, funguses and undefined cell scrap… It´s – definitely and defined – to rethink, it´s time to say bye-bye.

PELOBiotech, Germany, as a researching company itself is working with more and more xeno-free, defined media. Right now we are testing a skin tissue model in cooperation with the University of Jena, Germany defined and xeno-free, standardized media. And I can tell you as much, it´s working! We would be delighted to keep you updated. At least, I can give you a broad overview, what kind of media PELOBiotech can offer animal-free, only with components containing the same species, serum-free or chemical defined. Good luck!

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