From Bench to Patient: Control the impact of your products on your MSC-project- Get Free Sample now

The best knowledge of the extracellular matrix (ECM) is essential to understand cellular differentiation, tissue development& remodeling. So we found now an optimized ECM for hMSCs, called HumaTein by our partner Rokit Healthcare. Our present for you: Order now your FREE sample here – because it is:

  • Easy: HumaTein™ is not sensitive to temperature changes.
  • In-Vivo: Human primary cell derived HumaTein™ provides the most in-vivo like environment to cells, 
  • Specific: provides organ specific stiffness controlled environment
  • preserves whole ECM components, so it is as human-like as possible
Free the full potential of your ECM *Become as real as possible with > 300 components&> 500 cytokines *organ specific stiffness *tested for iPS, Organoids & more *temperature stable

HumaTein™ offers a wide spectum of applications:

          • Cancer Research
          • Stem Cell Research
          • Drug Discovery
          • Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine
          • 2D Cell Culture as Coating for primary cells or HUVEC migration assay
          • 3D Cell Culture for e.g. Organoid Culture, Natural scaffold for inital cell aggregation (iPS cell spheroids). 

It is also well known in the research for Wound Healing and Anti Aging. 


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