Extravasation Cascade Of Proangiogenic Monocytes To Tumours Detailed

By identifying two cytokines, key factors in the recruitment of blood cells essential to the formation of new blood vessels, and above all by deciphering how these factors interact simultaneously with blood vessels, researchers at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) have highlighted an additional method of controlling tumour progression.

The results suggest that the combined use of existing drugs or under development could significantly increase their efficacy.
For a tumour to grow, it must develop blood vessels that supply nutrients and oxygen. Preventing tumour vascularization is therefore an interesting anti-tumour therapy that has been explored over the last ten years.
“Our laboratory is specialized in deciphering the molecular mechanisms involved in the recruitment of white blood cells. We have therefore taken a close look at these recruitment mechanisms in order to identify their shortcomings,” explained Dr. Adama Sidibé, a researcher at the Faculty of Medicine at UNIGE and the first author of this work.

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