Cold Chain Logistics: Innovation in Biopreservation of Cell Therapies and Tissues

Cold chain logistics can determine success or failure for any biotech company shipping time and/or temperature-sensitive products, many of which have the potential to save lives. These include traditional solid #organs intended for transplantation into a recipient, and also a new and growing class of novel cellular therapies and engineered tissue products.

In the high-profile and promising personalized medicine arena, a circular process is used with cold chain logistics playing a critical part in two steps. For autologous cell therapies using chimeric antigen receptor and other types of #T cells targeting various cancers, the process involves removing source material such as bone marrow, peripheral blood, or adipose tissue from a patient, shipping these to a processing and manufacturing facility, manufacturing a dose of therapeutic cells, and then shipping the cells back to the original clinical site for reinfusion into the same patient. Due to their fragile nature and limited shelf life outside the body, cold chain technologies are used to maintain a reduced temperature of these biologic materials, to slow or stop metabolic activity during transport.

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