Primary Cells, Media & Tools

Primary Cells, Media & Tools: Get the wide Variety

We are proud to have the broadest portfolio of human and animal cells worldwide. All cell systems are offered with corresponding media and tools (coating and matrices, dissociation, freezing…). Cell sourcing and customized cell isolation from healthy and /or diseased donors are our daily business. Therefore, we know exactly what really works and is valuable for your research.

Here you will find a huge portfolio of primary cells derived from tissues. On the left side you will find the links to our product lists.

Our partner Cell Systems (USA) offers now industrial lots of human primary cells. The industrial lots guarantee the access to a huge number of cells of the same donor and lot for the entire duration of your research project.

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Mesenchymal Stem Cells are available from different species, from healthy and diseased tissue and GFP/RFP labelled.



  • Bone Marrow
  • Adipose Tissue
  • Wharton´s Jelly
  • Lung Tissue

Tested media are available from classical FBS containing media to chemically defined media, from R&D to GMP quality.

Also available are media supplements and ECM in R&D and GMP quality e.g.:

  • A/AB Serum
  • Human Platelet Lysate (hPL) up to virus inactivated
  • Human Fibronectin (plasma derived, virus inactivated)
  • HumaTein MSC (coating and media supplement produced with human MSC in vitro)
  • myMATRIX MSC – defined coating for MSC culture
  • Cryo-Preservation Media

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We offer MNCs and purified immune cells isolated from peripheral blood.

  • CD3 (T Cells)
  • CD4 (CD4+ Helper T Cells)
  • CD8 (CD8+ Cytotoxic T Cells)
  • CD14 (Monocytes)
  • CD19 (B-Cells)
  • CD56 (NK Cells)
  • CD56 (NK Cells (V158+) tested for ADCC Assays)

Adult human/animal Stem Cells are isolated from several human tissues of healthy and diseased donors. You will find stem & progenitor cells isolated from Bone Marrow, Cord Blood, Peripheral Blood, Liver, Brain, Heart, Skin and other organs.

In our portfolio you will find stem cells from healthy and diseased donors.

  • Human MNCs
  • Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells (CD34, CD133)
  • Human Tissue derived Stem Cells
  • Human Cancer Stem Cells


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To complete our cell portfolio we offer now primary cells and stem cells from various diseased states, ranging from polygenic diseases such as diabetes type 2, over tumor diseases to rare genetic disorders, such as mucopolysaccharidoses.

Disease specific Primary Cells/Tissues from:
• Neurological Disorders
• Oncogenic Disorders
• Muscular Disorders
• Genetic Disorders
• Autoimmune Disorders
• Endocrine Disorders
• Congenital Disorders
• Cardiovascular Disorders
• Metabolic Disorders
• Degenerative Disorders
• Blood Disorders

  • ES/iPS Cell Media
  • Feeder Cells for ES/iPS
  • iPS Cells
  • iPS derived Cells
  • Reprogramming Tools
  • Small Molecules
  • Cytokines & Growth Factors
  • ES/iPS Freezing Media and Dissociation Tools
  • ECM Proteins for ES/iPS
  • Pluripotency Marker Antibodies

PELOBiotech offers a broad range of cell culture media for primary and stem cells. Each media consists of a basal medium and a mixture of supplements or kit of single cell-type specific growth supplements. Basal medium plus supplements creates the best environment for cell development. Our goal is to develop media systems that are animal-free and/or defined to make the usage of animal components (e.g. FBS, BSA, BPE) redundant. Our media systems are developed to work with both commercially available cell systems as well as with from tissues isolated cells.

Cold- and Cryo-Preservation are critical steps while working with tissues and cells. Noteworthy to explain the importance of optimal, reproducible and reliable cell work in clinical trials, cell therapies and regenerative medicine applications for humans and animals. It is obvious that basic research, drug development and compound testing will need the highest possible quality of cellular systems, too.


Storage of tissues and cells at low temperatures (4-10°C) for short periods (hours up to days) is defined as hypothermic storage. In the field of regenerative medicine, cold preservation is an extension of principles and technologies used for whole-organ storage.

  • Cold-Preservation Media (R&D and GMP grade)


Cryo-Preservation is a process were cells or tissues are preserved using temperatures between -80°C to -196°C applying cryoprotectants. Many protocols exist for primary cells, stem cells and cell lines.

We at PELOBiotech offer a broad range of different cryo-preservation media for different application and with different qualities.

  • Cryo-Preservation Media (R&D and GMP grade)
    • DMSO-free Media


Vitrification is the solidification of a liquid without crystallization and growth of ice. This ultra-fast freezing method is used for ES and iPS cells successfully.

  • Vitrification Medium

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Defined & animal-free Coatings for MSC and iPS Cells

myMATRIX MSC & iPSC offers you specialized chemically-defined and animal-free coatings for the culture of mesenchymal stem cells and iPS Cells.


HumaTeinTM  Essential & MSC

HumaTeinTM products are human cell derived ECM proteins and growth factors using human fibroblast or mesenchymal stem cells.

Organotypic ECM for 2D/3D cell culture

Tissue specific solutions for coating and as media supplements

Extracellular matrix (ECM) has important signaling functions and is highly specific to each organ.
NativeCoat™ ECM Surface Coating by East River Biosolutions offer your cells physiological features – mechanical and biochemical properties – found in natural organs.


  • Stem Cell Research
  • Cancer Research
  • 3D Cell Cultures
  • Tissue Dissociation
  • 3D bio printing
  • Clincal Applications

They US-based biotech company has already established ECMs for


  • Blood vessel tissue matrix
  • Heart tissue matrix


  • Intestine tissue matrix
  • Colon tissue matrix
  • Liver tissue matrix
  • Esophagus tissue matrix
  • Stomach tissue matrix


  • Muscle tissue matrix
  • Cartilage tissue matrix
  • Bone tissue matrix


  • Lung tissue matrix


  • Kidney tissue matrix
Also available are TissueSpec® ECM Hydrogels and TissueSpec® ECM Scaffolds.

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Biomatrix proteins & hydrogels  from poly-L-lysin to GMP grade human fibronectin


  • Cell Culture Coatings
  • Hydrogels for 3D Culture
  • Functionalized Coatings

Passaging solutions from Trypsin/EDTA to specialized kits for ES/iPS cells.

  • Trypsin/EDTA
  • Passing Solution (Kit with Trypsin, Buffer and Trypsin Neutralization Solution)
  • Accutase
  • Accumax
  • Dissociation Solution for Human ES/iPS Cells

Cell Culture Tools consists of reagents, proteins, supplements and basal media for cell culture application.

  • Supplements (BIT, hPL, AB Serum, HSA, BSA, BPE & ECGS)
  • Proteins (Growth Factors)
  • Media Supplements
  • Basal Media
  • Reagents
  • Tools (Cell Strainer, BioMasher, Pouch for Cryotubes, Mycoplasma Kits & more)