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cell systems is an expert for primary cells.

cell systems offers high-quality human primary cells, cell culture media and reagents of the highest standard to optimize research. The cell specialist offers industrial lots with large batches for industrial and pharma use.
Their great all-in-one media kits and reagent kits help you achieve consistency and reproducibility in your research with primary cells. All of cell systems’ cells and media components are cGMP and ISO compliant.

Overview of our products for cell systems.

CultureBoost-R™ - (Cell-Systems) Cell Culture Tools
CultureBoost™ - (Cell-Systems) Cell Culture Tools
Serum-Free Recombinant RocketFuel™ - (Cell-Systems) Cell Culture Tools
Serum-Free RocketFuel™ - (Cell-Systems) Cell Culture Tools

cell systems cells.

Cell systems offers a large variety of primary cells which are isolated from site-specific human tissues and are available either in a frozen vial or in a proliferating flask. All cells are isolated following their specified cell systems media and reagents. Additionally, all primary cells:

  • Have high viability (~85%) and high cell count (~1mio per vial)
  • Are isolated without the use of antibodies
  • Are proven to be of high quality as cited in scientific journals

Cell systems offers also large batches for industrial and pharma use. Reserve your lot today.

cell systems cell culture media.

All the cell systems’ media kits come with 10mL of Attachment Factor™ and their own specially formulated CultureBoost™ or RocketFuel™ for the activation of media. Cell systems offers media with serum as well as serum-free and media minus serum (medium intended to be supplemented by serum).


cell systems cell culture tools.

Apart from cells and media cell systems also provides you with reagents for passaging and freezing, cell adhesions, as well as growth supplements and antibiotics, all specifically developed to help you achieve optimal results with your cell culture.

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