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  • Chemical Cocktails Produce Neurons

    Over the past several years, scientists have been in hot pursuit of finding an efficient way to directly transform skin cells to brain cells—skipping an intermediate pluripotent step. Genetic approaches have worked to varying degrees. Now, two independent groups report having made the process even simpler, by soaking fibroblasts in combinations of small molecules, thereby obviating the need to tinker with gene expression to turn the cells into neurons. To read more please click here.
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  • Scientists create functional liver cells from stem cells

    The liver plays a critical role in human metabolism. As the gatekeeper of the digestive track, this massive organ is responsible for drug breakdown and is therefore the first to be injured due to overdose or misuse. Evaluating this drug-induced liver injury is a critical part of pharmaceutical drug discovery and must be carried out on human liver cells. Regretfully, human liver cells, called hepatocytes, are in scarce supply as they can only be isolated from donated organs.To read more please click...
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  • BMP9 Induces Cord Blood–Derived Endothelial Progenitor Cell

    We found an interesting paper on endothelial progenitor cells, that has just been accepted. Objective—Modulating endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) is essential for therapeutic angiogenesis, and thus various clinical trials involving EPCs are ongoing. However, the identification of environmental conditions and development of optimal methods are required to accelerate EPC-driven vasculogenesis. Conclusions—Collectively, our results indicated that BMP9/ALK1 augmented vasculogenesis and angiogenesis,...
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  • Advances in CNS and Brain Research

    Zarebkohan et al., Eu J Pharm Sci The blood–brain barrier inhibits drugs and genetic material from reaching the brain, challenging the development of efficient carriers. This study targets DNA to brain tissue using a novel gene delivery system. A peptide was linked on dendrimers, and DNA was loaded in functionalized nanoparticles, followed by biodistribution analysis. The nanoparticles exhibit good transfection efficacy with low toxicity, and CAI-supplied brain capillary endothelial cells internalize...
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