Biostandardisation: Fast track for Cancer Diagnostics

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Thu, May 17, 2018 10:00 AM  CEST
by Dr Marco Leu, abc biopply ag, Switzerland

Want to know what really happens in the body? Want to grow your micro tumors in vitro but almost 100% natural?

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The leading Swiss expert in Biostandardisation abc biopply ag has developed a new kit for Cancer Diagnostics: Learn more about this innovative modular multi-purpose 3D Cell Co-Culture System 3D CoSeedis TM.

This novel scaffold-free 3D cell co-culture system. consists of a unique conical agarose matrix array (CAMA) that allows the formation of spheroidal and non-spheroidal cell aggregates in a highly-reproducible and consistent manner. The conically shaped microwells within the array allow precise determination of aggregate volume and cell growth. Furthermore, the modular composition of the 3D system allows distance co-cultures and, consequently, the standardisation of protocols.

Key Features are
Matrix and Modular Set-up
• Contact or distance co-cultures (fully separable)
• Serum, serum-reduced or serum-free conditions possible
Permeable Matrix
• Allows long term 3D culture of cell aggregates
• Efficient use of physically separated feeder cells (distance co-culture)
• Cultivation in standard or defined media

Multi-purpose Applicability
• Applicable to various cell types (see Applicable Cell Systems)
• Supports the formation of aggregates of spheroidal and
• non-spheroidal cell types
• Highly reproducible cell aggregates
• Suitable for high-throughput applications

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