Angiogenesis Reagents

The V2a Kit™ – Vasculogenesis to Angiogenesis

“An in vitro human model of angiogenesis that includes all the known phases of the angiogenic process”

The V2a Kit contains all of the cells and reagents necessary to successfully complete a 24 well angiogenesis assay.

  • Designed to allow testing of compounds, media or tissue explants
  • 24 well format
  • Test compounds can be added at any time (from the onset of vasculogenesis through to advanced angiogenesis)
  • Analyse any aspect of the angiogenic pathway (cell activation, cell proliferation, migration,
    elongation and anastomosis) with complete flexibility of experimental timing

For further information regarding the V2a Kit (Product Code ZHA-4000) please click here.

Angiogenesis Tested Cells and Media for Bespoke Assay Design

“Cellworks provide the cells, media and supporting reagents for bespoke angiogenesis assays” 

Our angiogenesis tested cells allow flexibility in designing angiogenesis assays. They bring complete control over the number and cell types present in the assay, and the opportunity to manipulate the cells prior to culturing, for example by transfection.

Supporting reagents including media, supplements, controls and tubule staining kits are all available.

For further information about bespoke angiogenesis assay options, click here

Angiogenesis Image Analysis Software

“The AngioSys 2.0 image analysis software provides a semi-automated analysis of angiogenesis by measuring the number of tubules, the number of junctions, the total tubule length, and the mean tubule length for each image”

  • Custom built software developed to quantitate tubules formed during in vitro angiogenesis assays based on the co-culture of endothelial cells with fibroblasts.
  • Available in two formats:
    • 21 day demonstration version, product code ZHA-5000D: Download free of charge
    • Full licence, product code ZHA-5000: Activation of the full licence requires a serial key number which will be emailed upon receipt of a purchase order

For further information about AngioSys Image Analysis Software, click here

Angiogenesis Image Analysis Service

‘Ideal for customers preferring the in-house specialists at Cellworks to analyse their images. Customer reports detail the number of tubules, the number of junctions, the total tubule length, and the mean tubule length for each image’

  • Ideal for when analysis is required on only a small number of images
  • Suitable for when manpower in the lab is short
  • Perfect for customers new to angiogenesis image analysis

For further information about the Angiogenesis Image Analysis Service Cellworks offer, click here

What’s on your Angiogenesis ‘Wish List’?

What’s missing from your Angiogenesis experiments? Recent customer feedback indicated the need for simple, accurate software to quantitate the number of tubules, and junctions in their angiogenesis images. We’ve delivered on this and have lots of happy customers. Our Product Managers would like to know what else you need, please email your thoughts to

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