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Akron Biotech is an expert in cGMP products (Recombinant proteins, human Fibronectin, and human plasma-derived products).

Akron Biotech offers a wide variety of cell culture tools such as recombinant proteins, Human plasma-derived products (such as AB-Serum, HAS and Insulin), cryo-media and custom media and media supplements which are available in Research and GMP quality.

At Akron you can also find high-quality and cGMP-compliant plasmid DNA for pre-clinical all the way to commercial gene therapy.

Overview of our products for Akron Biotech.

Human Fibronectin Solution, Virus Inactivated (Plasma Derived) (cGMP) - (Akron Biotech) Cell Culture Tools
Human Fibronectin Solution, Virus Inactivated (Plasma Derived) (cGMP) - (Akron Biotech) Cell Culture Tools

cGMP Recombinant Proteins.

Akron's high-quality cGMP recombinant proteins provide the consistency, safety and efficacy required by today's leading clinical and commercial cell therapy companies.

Cytokines, Chemokines, Growth Factors and more

The result is recombinant proteins with exceptional characterization, purity and consistency from batch to batch. Akron uses robust pharmaceutical grade purification strategies (IEX/SEC/TTF) and always adheres to international standards and guidelines when available. Starting from Albumin to rHu TNF-alpha in cGMP-quality you´ll find these Proteins in the section Essential Extras.

cGMP Cell Culture Tools/ Human Plasma Derived Products

AB-Serum, Albumin and Fibronectin are so available as virus-inactivated and are made to meet the needs of our advanced therapy customers.

Optimal growth and viability within cGMP guidelines

Akron developed each of these products to provide optimal cell growth and viability within cGMP manufacturing guidelines. They take extra care of safety and batch-to-batch consistency. These products are supported by comprehensive manufacturing and pathogen safety documentation designed to meet the requirements of leading health authorities in the US, EU and Asia. You´ll find this in the section Cell Culture Tools.


cGMP Cell Culture Media & Cryo Preservation

Akron offers Cryo-Preservation in cGMP and high-quality research grade. To name one here…

CryoSolutions™ 100% product is cGMP conform.

The formulation contains sterile, filtered DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide, USP/EP), highest purity grade >99.99%. Post-thaw viability is comparable or superior to the leading DMSO-containing cryomedia. Sterility and Bacterial Endotoxin testing are performed per USP/EP on the final product. Media is packaged in glass vials and available in a 100 mL aliquot. Akron’s cGMP-compliant CryoSolutions™ 100% is intended for the cryo-preservation of biological cells in cell culture, stem cells, mammalian cells and biological tissues.

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Facts about Akron. References.

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