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abc biopply is an expert for 3D Cell Culture, 3D Cell Culture Services and Drug Discovery.

The Swiss contract research organization abc biopply is best known for its specialized 3D cell culture and 3D cell culture services, assays and its proprietary platform 3D CoSeedisTM. This system allows you to obtain reliable quantitative datasets from cells and tissues easily. It helps advance your solutions in drug discoveries and advanced preclinical disease models.

Abc biopply provides a service that helps pharma and biotech companies boost the predictive power of their preclinical models and speed up their drug discovery efforts. With their dedicated 3D-CoSeedis™ cell culture technology, they are closing the gap between in vitro and in vivo studies by applying the next level of differentiation and intercellular communication assays.

Overview of our products for abc biopply.

Atelocollagen membrane Cell Culture Tools
Atelocollagen powder Cell Culture Tools
Atelocollagen sponge Cell Culture Tools
Bovine Serum Albumin (Fraction V) Cell Culture Tools
Bovine Type I Collagen Solution Cell Culture Tools
Collagen (Type I) Coating Solution (Bovine) Cell Culture Tools
Collagen microspheres Cell Culture Tools
Fetal Bovine Serum, (US, Origin) Cell Culture Tools
Fetal Bovine Serum, (US, Origin) Heat-Inactivated Cell Culture Tools
Type II collagen from bovine cartilage Cell Culture Tools

3D CoSeedis™ Co-Culture System.

All licenses for 3D CoSeedis™ assays contain various 3D CoSeedis™ chips and accessories. They can also be enhanced with media and other enhancement products extension products, depending on your needs and the particular assay. Licenses are available for Single-Packaged or Multi-Packaged Chips. Academic partners, please ask for special conditions.

Speed up drug discovery

The company has developed a distinctive portfolio of 3D tissue imaging and analysis assays, all based on the novel flexibility of their 3D CoSeedis™ co-culture system, enabling the easy and reliable creation of quantitative datasets from tissues and cells.


Improved predictive power of preclinical disease models

3D CoSeedis™ multi-organoid technology boosted the relevance of in vitro testing to the ex vivo level. Based on its own technology and extensive expertise in organoid biology, abc biopply has developed the company's portfolio of in-chip study models.

In-chip study models for drug development.

These models offer superior predictability in the preclinical evaluation of therapeutic targets by making the conditions for environmental drug resistance measurable to quality previously unknown. Thus, abc biopply's in-chip study models enable rapid pre-selection of compounds based on results that fully comply with FDA requirements for a microphysiological system. They increase the predictability of conventional models by removing the discovery burden of conventional pdx models and giving them a purely confirmatory character.

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