Organotypic Hydrogels

– your smart way to a in vivo like microenvironment

XYLYX Bio TissueSpec® Matrix Hydrogel Kits are acellular extracellular matrix mixtures derived from porcine organs and tissues. The hydrogel kits offer the matrix components present in natural tissues and which creates a substrate for in vivo like 3D cell culture.  The TissueSpec® Matrix Hydrogel Kits have been shown  to enhance

  • cell attachment
  • cell growth
  • cell function


  • Natural biological microenvironment
  • No exogenous factors
  • Tissue-specific properties across multiple organ systems
  • Easy-to-use
  • Customized to fit your research needs

Primary hepatocytes cultured in thin hydrogels of TissuesSpec liver matrix, matrigel and collagen I. Hepatocytes showed a significantly higher expression of LDL receptor in TissueSpec Liver hydrogel compared tomatrigel and collagen I (Pic.: XYLYX Bio).

Customized Products

XYLYX Bios offers the TissueSpec® Matrix Hydrogel Kits from different organs, tissues and species on request. Futher hydrogel kits will be launched in the near future.

TissueSpec® MatrixScaffolds are available on request.

Please note that  TissueSpec® Solutions Kits (for coating or as medium supplement) are available from the following tissues: Blood Vessel, Bone, Cartilage, Colon, Esophagus, Heart, Intestine, Kidney, liver, Lung, Muscle, Skin and Stomach,