3D CoSeedis™: New Micro-organoid Histology System

Our partner abc biopply has recently released its new micro-organoid histology system, being the latest extension to abc biopply’s 3D CoSeedis™ technology platform.

The micro-organoid histology system offers a validated and standardised work process form the generation of spheroidal or non-spheroidal 3D cell aggregates to paraffin embedded micro-arrays of 3D cell structures. Detailed protocols take the researcher through each step in a comprehensible and reproducible way.
The system includes all required components for successful paraffin embedding and therefore guarantees an easy entry point to IHC on organoids.

The micro-organoid histology system is fully compatible with other products from the 3D CoSeedis™ product line and can therefor be integrated into already existing workflows without effort.

More infos here.

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