FREE Webinar: Alternatives to Animal Testing with 3D In-Vitro Models

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Title: Alternatives to Animal Testing
with 3D In-Vitro Models

Speaker: Peter Frost, PhD, CEO PELOBiotech

Time: on demand please register and watch your video on demand

Duration: 30 min (German/English)

Session Agenda

Searching for an Alternative to Animal Testing?

Looking for an updated on 3D Advanced In-Vitro Models? In this Presentation you will get an overview of the most innovative and up-to date 3D cell culture systems of this decade. After the lecture you get an idea what system works best for specific project and application or will be in the pipeline the upcoming months. We focus on the design of multi-organ and dynamic in-vitro tests. We will also introduce our new partner IVtech from Pisa. Their models mimic the human physiology more closely than conventional in-vitro systems and could represent promising alternatives to animal tests. Animal tests are not always predictive of human responses, but are currently mandatory for drug approval process.

You are welcomed to email your questions and Peter is happy to answer them personally. Cheers! 


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