New Partner: Cell Systems Provides Primary Cells with “Gold” Standard

PELOBiotech strengthens its core competence all around primary cells: We are happy to announce Cell Systems as a new cell supplier to our portfolio with almost 9,000 products in the field of Cells&Media..

Cell Systems is a new US-provider of high quality primary cells and media. Cell Systems became an early expert in the isolation and preparation of primary cell cultures. These primary cell cultures are manufactured to a “gold” standard, evident through decades of citations published in num-bers of scientific journals.

Today, Cell Systems continues its research of primary cell isolation, while partnering with universities, research institutes, biotech entities, and pharmaceutical companies around the world, by providing cell biology tools for their experiments.

Cell Sytem’s suite of specialized media provides researchers with a diverse set of tools to enhance research through consistent and stable environments for cell cultures. Cell Systems media may be used with all primary, immortalized, neoplastic and established cell lines. Want to know more? Then give us a call.

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